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Thursday, June 25, 2009

So, um, I have nothing to write about.

I have many more twitterable thoughts that I could list as I did last night, like how my groceries were just delivered to my door for free. Or how my foot mysteriously keeps erupting in painful pins and needles. Oh how I didn't realize that Michael Jackson was still alive (until today obviously), but nothing of any interest.

So I'm going to bombard you with pictures. Pictures of the tiny little ball of fur who has kept me from sleeping solidly for 11 days. The ball of fur I've chased back into the house twice, I've plucked out of the refrigerator, laundry closet, TOILET, bath tub and from underneath Karma's fat flaps more times than I can recall.

In case you wondered, we've moved from hostility (which included growling and hissing 24 hours a day) to fighting, that sometimes seems like playing and sometime seems like Jacques might lose his jugular vein. We pull Karma off of him all the time, but frankly, I can't blame her since he's decided that her tail is the BEST. TOY. EVER. If you bit my ass, I'd probably bite your neck too. So far there have been no true injuries and he is entirely and completely unphased by being constantly smothered.

(Pictured: sheer and complete loathing)
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What he does more than anything else, however, is sleep. All damn day because how on earth could he bite our faces all night long if he slept then? Right?

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(my favorite)
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(The dismount of this nap was not graceful for him nor painless for me.)
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And in case you wondered, he's 100% boy.

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Only, you know, sterile and stuff.


Anonymous said...

I have to ask; does Mr. Pea Pod come to your house too?

Since I don't take more than about 150 calories PO (on a good day) I am tube fed; so I don't order much more of the heavy stuff.

My usual order consists: 1-2 cases of water (I use it for a lot of things and compamy) since I only drink about 24 ounces per day (if I am lucky, all my cases of paper towels, toilet paper. laundry detergent C/F soda. cleaning supplies (when needed). It's perfect for me. I just wish thy would grab my Rx's too.

I heart Mr. Pea Pod

PS. Hope this makes sense; my zanaflex is kicking my butt.


Overflowing Brain said...

I got my groceries delivered from Vons. I've never heard of the company you use, but the grocery delivery was awesome.

Flea said...

What fun!

How's your head? Has the move made any diff in your physical condition?