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Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, still no internet. It's killing me a little inside. Really. I NEED YOU.

Yesterday Slappy's family came over and his mother and sister helped us pick out a couch. From the moment I sat on the one we bought, I was sold. It was everything anyone could ever want in a couch. It was soft (like sitting in a giant teddy bear), it had a chaise area where one can sleep and it still affords us room. It doesn't have a pull out bed like we'd planned, but frankly, sitting on the pull out area is not comfortable and there's lots of sleep space on the couch and in the rest of the room. And dude, the teddy bear thing.

Slappy's mother was on especially good and helpful behavior and suggested that the couch was too tall, which, I was confused by, but went with. We went and looked and others and eventually came back to the teddy bear couch. The only flaw of the couch is that because we're having it custom ordered (picked a different color, a burgundy red), we won't get it for TWO WEEKS. So, until then, we have our folding chairs in the living room, looking super classy and not at all white trashy.

We also finally found some dressers that fit perfectly for what we need and we'll be picking those up today. They're the right size and they have some storage, though no dresser in the world will hold all my clothes. After shopping we had an "Us and Them" party, which, if you say it fast enough sounds an awful lot like S and M, which is just not at all the same thing. Basically we opened 15 boxes Slappy's mom had and the 3 siblings took what they wanted and bartered for what everyone wanted. It, was lovely, was much less painful than it could've been.

Dinner, however, was EXACTLY as painful as it could've been, perhaps even more so. Astoundingly, my MIL only played a small part in that and it was my brother in law that made me want to gauge my eyes out with my fork. At least 3 times.

Today we have get to go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond to return 2 things we bought and don't need and pick up 30 billion more. And then we're having lunch with Slappy's brother (yes, the one from dinner last night, I'm keeping an open mind about today. No really. I am.), then we're driving up to see my family until tomorrow night.

And then, on Monday? We get internet. Oh, and we'll celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. But dude. The internet. (I'm kidding, you know that, right?). And maybe by then I'll have something more interesting to say. Chances aren't great for that, but go ahead and come back then anyways.


Sue G said...

Oh, this is good. I am rubbing my hands together in delicious anticipation of all the posts to come...posts filled with your wonderful ability to relay the excruciating details of life with MIL in the same state along with sharing your sardonic sense of humor. I look forward to many more posts!!!!

Happy Anniversary. One year, and if you ask me, the toughest year in a marriage. Celebrate what you two have because it is truly priceless.

And, you haven't mentioned headaches in a long time so I am wondering...are you feeling better? I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

How in the world could it have been a whole year since you got married?! It was just yesterday! I'm sure it was just yesterday!
Stopping by to let you know that I'm here praying!
Psalms 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Prayer Bears
My email address

Mrs. Apron said...

As I arrive at work bright and early on Monday morning, may I be the first to wish you a "Happy Internets Day!"

Flea said...

Wait. Is that the BIL who ruined the graduation weekend? Boo! Hiss!