Turbulent Tuesday: The Oh My Ears Edition

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today was one of the longer Tuesdays in the history of time. I left for work at 6:55 and got home after 8pm. And have I mentioned yet that I feel like hell? Because I do. I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection and bronchitis and will be calling the doctor tomorrow to find out.

On the upside, I finished writing the final exam for one of the classes I teach and I finished up lab 2 of 5 by taking test 1 of 4 this week. I'm not even close to being done, but I've got one test down and 3 left to go. This week.

Today was, for some odd reason, a constant auditory assault. Everywhere I turned, people were saying things that I couldn't escape from.

Like one of my students, who, during a discussion about the Swine Flu and a student asked me why they called it the Swine Flu. I explained that it was named that because it came from pigs. And she replied that she knew that, but why then, wouldn't they call it the Sine Flu? Because apparently that's what pigs are called. You know, since they're all so kickass at math.

Then, my chemistry teacher had a little bit of trouble with one of our vocabulary words this week. We were studying the light spectrum, however, she couldn't seem to say spectrum, but instead, speculum. And I almost died from laughter. Because seriously, we had to look at all the entire visible speculum and dude, that's just not okay. Or ultraviolet speculums. (Or, like I texted my husband, ultraviolent speculums, which is a whole different kind of torture...). And she must've spent 30 minutes talking about it. Seriously.

Then, I was waiting out in the hallway for my test to begin when one of the other students in the class, one that I find wildly obnoxious, started talking about her home life. Apparently she lives with her Grandmother and from what I could glean, they share a bed. That's not even the bad part. She proceeded to tell us about how her grandmother needs to go to bed with the television on and constantly wants to watch soap operas because, and I'm quoting here, "the lady hasn't gotten laid in 30 years."

I think I need to jam a fork in my ear to wiggle that mental image out. Dude. That's your grandma. That's not okay.

And now I'm sitting down to study for my two Thursday tests because my Wednesday test should be pretty straightforward. Should, being the obviously key word there. I'm SO ready for school to be over. And also? to stop coughing. And to stop feeling like my face is going to explode everytime I bend over. You know, the small things in life.

So, your turn (and dude, I got 20 VERY helpful sinus suggestions, so you have no excuse not to comment, I know you're reading). How was your Tuesday?


Jess said...

You've totally got sine flu. :D

My Tuesday was decent. Took my son to a hearing test because they thought he might have hearing problems. That turned out fine though, so I'm of the mind that he has "selective hearing" (he hears me only when it's relevant to his interests). Then our car started acting up again, but that's normal because it usually develops problems just in time for summer.

Get better, good luck on your tests, and avoid the ultraviolet speculums!

Sue G said...

My Tuesday was spent overeating. Just another typical day. Since my back went out (and hasn't apparently returned...and it doesn't even smoke), movement is difficult and my immediate space has narrowed considerably. Even shopping isn't fun...and that is seriously bad mojo. So, after eating things that tasted like burnt cardboard (a fun side effect of chemo, but one that doesn't deter me from putting objects with calories in my mouth without ceasing), I showered and dressed and went for an appointment with one of my four oncologists. He is adorable and caring and I want him to marry one of my daughters NOW. And he is concerned about my back, how to run tests without injecting harmful fluids that can harm the 70 percent of kidney I have left.

You know...just an ordinary day.

Good luck on your tests, tolerating what seems to be the epitome of ignorance in a chemistry teacher, and in dealing with your pain and discomfort. Next week at this time you will be eating bon bons and ordering expensive items online.

Oh, wait. That would be me.

Marin said...

My Tuesday was spent writing a final paper. Joy. At least it's done!

terrifik said...

Wow, what a day for Speculums, now the news says Senator Speculum has switched parties. Isn't is great that they call them parties? Sounds like a lot more fun to go to a party than to go to work or the office or to go to your practice. Maybe someday Slappy can open up a party for fun with speculums.