Turbulent Tuesday: The not really turbulent edition

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So, it's that time again.

I almost didn't write anything today, because frankly, things weren't really turbulent, which pretty much rocks, however, I can't go without saying anything. That's no fun. Besides, I wouldn't want to stop the whining. What would I do if my blog was INTERESTING?

So I had my chemistry lab. I handed my professor my doctor's note, to which she asked, "is it valid?"

And guess what? I didn't punch her in the face.

I also didn't retort with, "No, you caught me. How ever did you see through my lie and know that by asking I'd give it up?"

Instead, I said, "yes, and please feel free to call my doctor if you feel that's necessary." I didn't mention that they won't tell her jack crap because of a wonderful set of rules call HIPAA, I just didn't think that was necessary.

I seriously cannot believe she asked me if it was valid. Bucking fitch.

I also had my second exam in the class today and it went relatively well. I think I might have screwed up one part of it, but it was a fairly small part and I think I did the rest of it correct, so I'm not overly concerned. I am kicking myself a little bit, because in retrospect, the mistake was pretty stupid, but you can't win them all I suppose.

Or can you? Because I got back my last exam and got an 89/84. Which is because she had to curve it and I already had a perfect score. Can we file that under SUCK IT? Because, um, yea. I'm not usually a gloater about my grade, but for the first time in my life I want to make copies of it and paper her car and office with them. Because that's about as classy and responsible as one could possibly be. (I hope it's not your first time reading here. I'm usually not like this. This lady is crazy. Like infectious kinds of crazy.)

And now I'm going out to dinner at Jacques-Imo's (one of my very favorite NOLA restaurants), where, because I bragged about having a good day I'll probably contract food poisoning to even it all out, but at least it'll taste good going down.

So, your turn. How was your Tuesday? Turbulent? Tremendous? Trepidacious?

Tell me, I'm inTrigued. (okay, that was a stretch. Shut up.)

Edited to add: Aaaaand now I seem to have a urinary tract infection. Thanks universe, that was totally necessary.


Flea said...

Talk to the dean, woman!

My husband's a department chair. Seriously - they want to know who their whack jobs are.

My Tuesday? I think my eleven year old - the only one minus his tonsils - may have strep. Again. Always fun. And I took my oldest - almost 16 - to her first counseling session today. Work through her crap.

It's been a good day. Have fun at dinner.

CatMominPhilly said...

yea....watch out for the food poisoning. And while many others may not like your "Whining", I'm a fan of the humorous descriptions of turbulent days. Of course, I wish you didn't have them. But......your whining is cleverly written...

Sue G said...

Well, finally I have some turbulence to share!

I went to my regular every-two-week oncologist appointment today. It just so happened to fall one day after I had experienced chills and a fever yesterday. I never ever get sick (well, if you don't count five primary cancers, and I don't), so I did what every good cancer patient does when she gets a fever, I called the doctor's office and talked to the nurse. She called back two seconds later and said the doctor wanted me to come in immediately. Immediately, when I have an appointment one day later and when I have a 100.5 fever and just want to sleep??? I said fine, went to sleep, and waited until today to go.

Imagine my surprise when he walked into the room today and looked at me in obvious disbelief that I had survived and sat down and said, "You had a fever of 105??" I said no that when I called early morning it was only 100.5 and the highest it ever got was 101.7. Apparently he asked her twice and both times she told him I said 105

Now this doctor really likes me and keeps telling me I should go to medical school because he thinks I'm smart, funny, and have a copy of "Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine" (which is what I asked for for my first wedding anniversary almost 40 years ago). Did he really think I wouldn't have deposited myself in his hospital's ER if I had 105???

So, today, he looked at the odd rash on my leg, sent me for a stat venous ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Ordered a stat bone scan. Ordered labs, blood and urine cultures. And the only reason any of that bothered me was because my daughter was with me and we had plans to go out to lunch. Humph.

Oh, and the almost worst part is he banned me for boxing until he finds out what is causing "this," not that I know what this is. Of course I know what he wants to rule out because in the cancer world, this might always be that.

It was heartbreaking when I called my trainer. He was worried about me. I was worried about the entire month's pay I gave him. Humph.

And it's all my fault because he gave me a script for Cipro and I made the mistake of asking, "Hey, I understand they recently discovered that Cipro can cause ruptured tendons during heavy strain...does that mean I shouldn't box for ten days?"

Oh, no, he replies, I want you to stop boxing until I find out what's going on. Humph.


Enough about me. When that professor (and I think it is so very kind of you to give her that title) asked you if your doctor's note was valid, I so wanted to read that you answered, "Yes, and is your college degree?"

And sorry to hear about the UTI.

And, remember, if they give you Cipro, don't box.


joanne said...


Freefaller said...

MMM...Jacques-Imo's...One of my Favorite. Restaurants. Ever. I've been trying to take a trip back to NOLA just to eat there. Alligator Cheesecake? Divine.

Meg said...

So, I'm way late on this but Tueday was pretty turbulent for me. I'm a public policy analyst and conduct evaluations that take about 10 mos to complete. On Tuesday, I read in an industry newspaper that my coworker told a reporter all about my (not even close to being finished) study and mentioned that HIS study is "more complicated" than my study. I have shed tears over this study and apparently it was all for nothing because it is not difficult. How stupid of me.

The kicker is that coworker did not even apologize but instead laughed and said "That's actually the one thing I said that the reporter got right!"