Things that are currently annoying the bejeezus out of me:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

1) My housemates.

2) My students. Because every day it becomes more completely clear that I am a horrible teacher. One asked me today if Jesus came before or after DINOSAURS. That, my friends, is a teaching fail.

3) My exams. My last exam this week didn't go splendidly. The professor pointed out what I did wrong and told me to fix it, I told her I didn't know how and left. I truly had no idea and I didn't want to bash my head into the wall of frustration anymore. And that's the exam that I needed to do the best on.

4) That I can't see my final grades yet or in the near future. Because my 2 parking tickets somehow found their way onto my student account and until the payment goes through (whenever that might be at this wonderful place of higher education and logic), I can't see my final grades nor get a transcript.

5) That I had to give the school 40 more dollars in parking ticket fees.

6) My husband, calling me a "nagopotamus."

7) The fact that I have finally, after 2 months of dieting, reached my goal weight, only to discover that I've lost too much weight and I'm no longer have periods, meaning that I have to gain some back if I should ever want to have normal hormones, bone density and possibly children some day. Mother trucker.

8) The cough that never ends.

9) The sinus pain and congestion that NEVER ends.

10) That after almost 3 full years of paying nearly 400 dollars per month for health insurance, my work announced yesterday that starting next year, they will cover the cost of half of the health insurance plans. And it's half of the PPO, not the crappy HMO I have. Which means that I could've saved 7200 dollars in the past 3 years. SEVEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. My credit card debt weeps over this.

11) The headache that NEVER EVER EVER ends.


Sue G said...

You do sound close to the end of your rope tonight. Hopefully, it was good to get it out and off your chest. The end of the year is never easy for a teacher, let alone a teacher who is also a student, who is facing a move in the near future (across country), and who is feeling like her head has been in a Kitchen Aid mixer along with two bricks and some metal shards. Yep, that rope is getting shorter.

But, wait! At the end of that rope is also your freedom...freedom to move away from a job that defeats you daily, away from roommates who sound more like primates, away from the stress of tests and labs and chemistry teachers who surprisingly have an actual job in an economy where the gene pool has much more to offer in terms of natural selection.

Very soon you will be in a new place with new opportunities and new people. Very, very soon. Just hang on a little longer.

By your teeth, if necessary.

judi/Gmj said...

Teeth??? you have teeth left???
I would have knashed them to stubs if I lived your life! Stumbled in to your space, giggled myself into a depends moment. I will be back, may not always comment but I will read and giggle. Judi

Cloudy said...

Annoying? More like Totally sucks! Hope some better stuff happens soon.