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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Before I begin, let me begin with a small apology.

I stand behind what I said yesterday and I'm not going to delete it. However, I recognize that name-calling was pretty immature and I'm sorry for that. I wrote the post after seeing a picture of a sign from a tea party that said "libtard" and after reading an article where Joe The Plumber suggested that we waterboard Obama, and well, I was pissed off. Still am, in fact. I apologize if I offended you and I promise to lay off politics for a while. And when I return to them, I will try harder to stick to the issues and not the people. Fair enough?

Moving right along...

So, I got some really great news on Tuesday. After a month of nagging pestering staying in constant contact with someone at BlogHer, I was able to get a ticket to the BlogHer Conference from someone who had an extra. A TICKET TO BLOGHER.

You see, I had planned to go from the moment I heard it was in Chicago and just put off buying my ticket, and then one day, they were sold out. I have been SO pissed at myself for that, so I'm absolutely thrilled to have my ticket. I cannot wait because every year I read about it and every year I kick myself for not going. So, I'm going.

Even better, I will very hopefully get to see Daisy, Melissa and some of the other Chicago bloggers, and maybe even a few of you.

And now panic has set in. Because I need to make some friends fast so I don't sit alone in every single seminar.

So, anyone else out there going? Will you be my friend? Want to meet up?


Meg said...

yay Chicago! I'm not even sure what BlogHer is...but I will send supportive thoughts from the host city while you attend! Maybe proximity will make my thoughts more successful?

That makes very little sense.

Becs said...

I appreciate your apology and I promise to stick around. I will never stop reading just because you talk about politics that I don't agree in. In fact, that is what makes this country so great! We can all speak our opinions!

Have fun at BlogHer!!!

Sue G said...

It was very generous of you to apologize for expressing your opinions yesterday because some people may have been offended. While I appreciate that your tender heart didn't wish to offend anyone, I still think it needless to apologize for your opinion. It's your opinion, for goodness sake. You're entitled to it.

Just as anyone who was offended by it is entitled to CHOOSE to be offended. It IS a choice, you know.

Okay, Congrats on the ticket to the convention. I may actually be in town during that time because, as you know, I journey there with much frequency for medical stuff.

I know you probably prefer to hang out with young'uns, but if you are open to meeting this old hen, I would love to take you to dinner one night. If, of course, my cycles of meds coincide with your convention.

Just a thought. (Perhaps a scary one for you?) : >)

Becs said...


No one was offended by her expressing her opinion. I completely respect that. The only thing I was offended about was being called names.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Unfortunately, I don't have tickets to any of the seminars. But I am at your beck & call for all other socializing events....just tell me when to "mount up"

*teabag* couldn't resist

Lipstick Jungle said...

I will be your friend, but I cant go to Blogher! Sorry! :)

Eva Marie said...

I agree...you were passionate in your viewpoint...nothing wrong with that.

After watching Olberman tonight, I am about to get extremely passionate about the news that came out today...I might wait til morning, and after a first cup of coffee...we'll see.

What is blogher?

Tiffany said...

I can't wait to hear all of your exciting stories.

I do know quite a few people who will be there, let me get some low down info and connect you with a few I trust.

You will have a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it.. you better be tweeting!!!