Turbulent Tuesday: Silving Lining Edition

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I realize I totally didn't do the Turbulent Tuesday last week, which is really ironic since it was like the most turbulent day I've had in a solid year, but I remembered today and I'm bringing it back, whether you liked it or not.

First, the new medication. It's a mood stabilizer, which is weird, because I don't feel any more stable at all. In fact, I feel like crap. I'm EXHAUSTED all day and not sleeping at night. And I have a massive headache today. Which, I know the medication shouldn't prevent yet, it's only been 4 days, but if it can make me feel like crap all over in 4 days, it should be able to do its assigned task in that amount of time. Just sayin'

Anyway, back to the sleep issue. I can't even seem to get into a deep sleep when I try to dope myself up with Phenergan. Which I'm primarily taking because this medication is making my stomach feel like it's rotting. I wake up with bile in my throat and am constantly wanting to chug pepto bismal by the gallon, just to make the acid stop. And, as if that wasn't enough from one little pill, this stupid medication has taken away one of my greatest loves: the flavor of Diet Coke. Dude. Not okay. I can't be tired all day from a medication and simultaneously grossed out by my favorite caffeinated beverage. And I'm only on 10mg right now, I can go up to like 40 or 50. Don't hold your breath.

Today was, for whatever reason, the longest day of work ever. I mean ever. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I know where we're moving now and I have my eyes on the prize: June 1st. Which is approaching at the speed of a herd of freaking turtles. Seriously, this week alone has been the slowest ever. (Why no, I'm not feeling superlative-y, why do you ask?)

It's like every little thing is making me extra crazy because I know that it's almost over and realistically, a lot of this stuff is stupid. I really don't need professional development inservices anymore. I'm PROFESSIONALLY DEVELOPED. Honestly. I see why it's important, I don't see why it's important when you're moving in 69 days (no, I'm not counting, why do you ask?)

And then, as with each Tuesday, we have the ridiculously fantastically moronic chemistry lab. This week, she spent the first HOUR trying to find a chemical. Yea. Prepared, as usual.

Then we took a quiz, which the person next to me cheated on, again. I don't know why this bothers me. We're not at an Ivy League school, it's hardly even an institution of higher learning, but damnit, I'm not taking the quiz with my notes, and you shouldn't be allowed to either. In this class where things are right or wrong, you shouldn't get an unfair advantage at being right.

AND, for whatever reason, my lab partner can't dissect the word HOMEWORK and discover that hey, maybe you can't do all this work 5 minutes before the class starts. And no, I WON'T GO GET MY LAB SO YOU CAN COPY IT you jackass. Seriously. This is the same guy who asked me for an answer on the exam last week, which I did not give him because HELLO, that is cheating.

And speaking of exams, of course she doesn't have it graded. When asked she said she was going to grade it this weekend, no problem. Hi, if it's no problem, why is it that you couldn't have graded it last weekend?

All that said (and potentially a later rant added after I find out my biology lab exam grade...), it was a Turbulent Tuesday with a silver lining. Two, in fact.

First, I had to stop at home during my lunch (grumble grumble) because I left my class stuff at home and wouldn't have time to go home and get to class by 4. So when I stopped at home, I checked my email. And guess what I found? An email from the kickass school I'll be attending for the next 3 years, letting me know that they received my deposit and that I should write down August 20th and 21st as my orientation.

I'm not breathing a full sigh of relief, because God knows that never seems to work out well, but, they took my deposit. Holy shit this is really happening. Like really really. On August 20th I'm going to go to my first day of orientation for a grad program I worked my ass off for. WOW.

The other silver lining was that apparently, one of the people who complained on my behalf about the crazy chemistry professor, made some really good points to the DEAN OF THE SCHOOL. Because our lab professor said several times tonight that she was going to have to alter some of her grading practices to allign herself with the department. That my friends, is music to my ears.

So, now it's your turn. Tell me about your Tuesday. Was it turbulent? Tranquil? Temperate? Torturous? Don't make me keep listing 'em. Spill it (in the comments).

I want to know, how was your turbulent Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on school!! I am so happy for you. Have you ever tried melatonin for sleep? You can buy it at the grocery store and it won't interfere with other medications. My kids pediatrician recommended it for my kids and their horrible sleep issues. It has worked like a charm. :)

Lipstick Jungle said...


As always...

But it will get better!

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I was this (picture me gesturing) close to dying in a fiery cab crash this afternoon.

Honestly, I thought cabbies only drove this fast in Mel Gibson/Danny Glover movies. I didn't even jump in and say "follow that cab!"

That's as turbulent as I get today. Oh yeah, and I may owe someone a million dollars.

Sue G said...

Today is a Transitional Tuesday in that it marks the end of 14 days off chemo and the first day of another 28 day protocol.

I do hope your headache improves quickly. I know the term "headache" in your situation is what I like to call "loperbole" because of its gross understatement. Intractable pain is more descriptive, and I'm sorry you have had no relief yet.

student doctor said...

Your chemistry class sounds SO familiar. As well as your lack of enthusiasm toward teaching/professional punishment. Only thing turbulent for my Tuesday was the fact that I HAD to go to a meeting for a masters program I don't intend to enroll in. I slept with my eyes open the entire time. Booya.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the new med is causing so many problems. wish there was a med that would just help you without any bad side effects!
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Becs said...

Yeesh, sorry your Tuesday mostly sucked.

Although (still) unemployed, I had a rare good day yesterday. I treated myself to lunch out. I learned that my old company may have to pay most of my COBRA payment (heh heh). And somehow, I slept most of the day. My tax dollars at work.

I'm sorry you lost your Diet Coke. I would be bereft without Diet Dr. Pepper.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow. That definitely was a Turbulent Tuesday!

The most turbulent thing that happened to me yesterday was when Hubs and I were all set to watch the finale of season two of The Tudors and he made me a martini with the last of the mix and then for some strange reason he poured it into a glass that had been sitting at the top of our cabinet for like two years, untouched. And so of course it had stuff in it and was undrinkable and I was PISSED.

I have a rough life, I know. ;)

Flea said...

You are professionally developed. I'll bet you hear Slappy say that every night, eh?

My Tuesday was madness, preparing for a trip. HOrmonal and stress headaches. But my Hunny insisted I talk through the stress, so it ended better than it could have. Thanks for asking.