Turbulent Tuesday: Did you know edition

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've decided that since Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week (combination of not even being halfway through the week, being tired from Monday and having 6 hours of class in a row) that I would stop trying to hide it. So, I introduce to you, Turbulent Tuesdays. I could've called it Bitching Tuesday. Or Catharsis Tuesday. Or Whine-and-Moan Tuesday, but those were not as, catchy. Let's say catchy.

So Turbulent Tuesday it is.

The idea is this: each Tuesday, I'm going to want to bitch to you, but I always feel bad, so now, I'm designating Tuesday as bitch-off day. Basically, I'm going to stop apologizing for whining on Tuesday (as for every other day, well, them's the breaks).

And in turn, you share whatever is making your life turbulent with the group (in the comments). Misery LOVES competition company. Let's keep each other company.

Today for me was a did-you-know day.

Did you know...

-that going to a 4 hour professional development conference is really really really helpful when you're quitting said profession in 2 months?

-that if during Monday's professional development conference you accidentally drink out of someone else's drink, it will without a doubt, be the most contagiously sick person in a 20 foot radius'?

-that it only takes about 24 hours for the first sign of a mother freaking cold to show up?

-that it's difficult at this stage to determine if it's a mother freaking cold from drinking after typhoid Mary or if it's the first sign of the flu, which is practically crawling on every surface at work?

-that the cost of a parking ticket for parking on the middle of the grass at the school is lower than the cost of parking in a parking spot in the lot without a permit?

-that next week I'm totally parking on the front lawn instead?

So, tell me: how was your Tuesday turbulent?


Dysfunction Junction: said...

Not really Tuesday specific but it's looking like the leaking ceiling and moldy tiles, which have now been removed and not replaced giving my office a nice shantytown feeling, have given me a lovely mold allergy.

Yay five month chest cough and burning, twitchy eyes!! Oh and guess what? Turns out mold exposure can also give you headaches...explains why the drugs don't appear to be working.

Anonymous said...

Diagnosed with Shingles. 'nuff said.

Carol in FL

Claire said...

Had appt with OB today for 12. This was the same appt rescheduled twice in Dec b/c of the DR, and twice in Feb b/c of conflicts with my kids schedules. So I am all ready to go, even though I don't really feel like it, I just want to get it over with!! then they call me at 11 to say the Dr is running behind b/c of surgery and could I just come next week. NO I CAN't b/c 1) I'll be out of town and 2) it is spring break and I'll have 2 screaming kids with me! So they "squeeze" me in at 2:45 for what they call an "Appointment" and I call it "a big fat waste of my time." I sat there, undressed, with a paper sheet over me for 2 FREAKING HOURS. By the time the good Dr came in, he asked if I had any problems, and I said NO. I was so tired and hungry and cold at this point, i just wanted out of there. Tell Slappy not to make his patients wait like that when he's a good Dr. Just schedule the patients further apart. There's no reason why I have to wait 2 hours EVERY SINGLE TIME! thanks for letting me vent. My hubby was beginning to worry about me!

Jess said...

My anxiety came back. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday had a big sneezing fit in car on way to work and wet myself again. didn't even make it to work first and not a lot you can do about it on the I-10. The pads I wear catch most of it but not when I sneeze and make more than a dribble. I still gotta count on being so gregarious coming into work that people dont take their eyes off my face and see my wet pants before I can change them. Keigel exercises my ass, we're talking sneezes that would blow the windows out of the car. Gotta make a living but not sure how much longer I can take the embarrassment of being incontinent at work. Headache back all day again too. Painkillers for it make me constipated. That makes the hemmroids bleed. A lot. Wish I could sit in the tub and soak my ass instead of at a desk. Cancer sucks. Tired of trying to smile and be pleasant while wondering if people know my crotch is wet and my ass is red. Hard to concentrate.

Anonymous said...

I am late in replying we were out of town... my Tuesday was awesome, sorry. I don't know if I should say that or not but I had an over night date with my hubby on Monday night so my Tuesday was a blast...

But Monday night we got a parking ticket so we can classify that as part of my Tuesday because it was late Monday night. We were at an event and found street parking so we thought we were *lucky*. Only to return to the car and see the parking ticket... which was only $15 which was also cheaper than the event parking so we didn't really care!