Thieves: 2, Me: 0

Friday, December 26, 2008

I had a lovely Christmas, which explains why karmatically I had to have my wallet stolen today.

The wallet that I had just put my 50 dollar Gap gift card in.

And my 50 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card.

And my 20 dollar Starbucks gift card.

And several New Orleans specific gift cards given to my by students this year.

And the rest of my Christmas bonus.

And my driver's license and all my credit and debit cards

And all forms of identification that might allow me to board a plane to return home in a week.

And my health insurance cards which might allow me to see a doctor for less than full cost for the UTI that wasn't resolved with 3.5 days of antibiotics.

And because I'm a big gigantic moron, my social security card. (warning, now is NOT the time for a lecture here)

And my faith in humanity.


Happy fucking holidays.

p.s. Dear God: This lesson about material possessions not being important? I got it. We're clear. You can stop this now.


Flea said...

No lectures. Only deep sadness over your loss. Seeing the title, I thought it might be a repeat of your honeymoon. And you're sure it's stolen? I guess you are and you've torn everything apart looking. Please tell me you reported this to all the proper authorities?

Carleen said...

I can't even begin to imagine how stressful having my wallet stolen would be, so you'll get no lectures from me -- I'm too busy freaking out about where I left my darn purse! :0

My dad was robbed many years ago, and his wallet was stolen. The cops who took the report advised him to start calling banks, credit card companies, etc. right away, as using the cards is often how the thieves are caught the quickest.

Here's wishing you a much better tomorrow!

the queen said...

1) No - I would only lecture Sandy my sister in law who would park her car outside every morning for fifteen minutes, RUNNING WITH THE KEYS IN IT, and then her car (!)was stolen(!) along with her purse. She did have all her card numbers in the house, so they caught the guy in half an hour.

2) I have my SS card in my opurse right now. Never thought about it.

Miss Two said...

Oh my. I'm really dismayed to hear that. Really really. I want to make a t-shirt for you, one that somehow conveys, 'NOT a target for THIEVES!' That stinks.

And no, no lectures on the soc here; I left mine in a wallet I left in the middle of the SHENANDOAH MOUNTAINS (or so everyone insisted; I said it was on the charter bus) and so yay, got to go through the rigamarole with the SS agency. ONLY good thing was, I was living in DC at the time and could walk to and from the agency.

Which brings me to that point: you're in NYC, they should have a SS agency there. Can your roomie or someone express mail you your BC and passport so you can a) get a new SS card at the NYC agency (file the police report first) b) get on that plane home? Maybe? Please say that's an option?

*hug* from a long-time lurker.

Miss Two said...

oops, just read your twitter, apparently you're ahead of me. Excellent!

The Floydster said...

Its bad enough to lose a wallet (I did that on my move to Chicago ths summer) but to have it stolen adds the feelings of horror, anxiety, violation - 2008 can't end soon enough, can it?

One Sick Mother said...

I just found your blog and read this post. I am sorry this happened. What a total pain in the bum.

I hope it gets fixed soon. I have had my wallet and identity stolen. It is possible to recover, but it is a royal pain. you have to notify banks and credit agencies. I wish you the best of luck.


Dysfunction Junction: said...

Jesus, Mary & Joseph (sorry, I normally hate to say that outside of the "Tribe")

If I thought I could fix anything with a hug...but do let me know if I can be of ANY help!

Anonymous said...

Crap, crap, crap. So sorry this happened. Please be on the lookout for identity theft and consider putting a fraud alert on your credit reports if not altogether freezing them. I had to deal with this for my dad this past summer and I know all about it. If you want more specifics, go to my blog in early Dec. and check out, "An Early Present from Me to You." I talk all about dealing with preventing identity theft there.
Good luck.