What comes from bragging...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Y'all I might be dying from a cold.

But I feel like it's legitimately like some super cold the powers of which I have never seen before. It has simultaneously made my sinuses so full and so dry that my nose ran/was congested and then bled this morning.

I am miserable. My face hurts in like 12 places. My ears hurt so much that my jaw now hurts as well. My throat hurts and while I don't want to give my neurologist any credit, my head does hurt rather substantially more as a result of real sinus congestion (she's still a crappy doctor, even if she wasn't entirely wrong about sinus congestion leading to headaches).

To recap. I bragged with a mild cold, I let it sit on my blog, the universe took notice and now I think y'all might want to make funeral arrangements because I'm not kidding when I tell you that I am possibly the most miserable I've ever been. Ever.


Anonymous said...

You need a humidifier, stat. (Ironic in Louisiana, I know, but you need to sit in a very small room with it and really let it clean you out.)

Alternatively, I usually find that some firey salsa clears me pretty thoroughly. :)

Anna in IL

Flea said...

To Anna's humidifier, add some Vicks to your chest, if you're able, and rest.