On Evacuation*^

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Evacuating is turning out to be a life-sucking vortex experience. I really truly had no idea.

First, we spent two days packing all our important documents into the car, moving all our wedding presents into the hallway from the attic, gassing up the car, all before we could drive. And drive and drive. 8.5 hours later we were in Nashville, which aside from making me excessively tired every day, has been lovely. Slappy has seen the Taco Bell at the hospital at Vanderbilt and has since pledged his allegiance to working in Nashville. You think I'm joking.

But here we are, Wednesday afternoon, after arriving last Friday night, and we're not home. And we're not going home today. Because we're still among 91,000 people in our parish without electricity. The idea of going home to a very empty, very dark neighborhood is not appealing. Especially once you add the VERY warm component. It's supposed to be mid-80s all week, which means it'll be mid-broiling temperature in our house. Oh, and those shrimp? They are not getting less smelly.

So we reconsidered our plan and now we're going to leave Nashville around 8pm Thursday and shoot to get back into New Orleans Friday morning around dawn. We have flash lights, we have scrubbing devices, baking soda, lemons, water (some controversy on twitter as to whether we have water or not...eek), and we're still looking for activated charcoal and battery powered fans. Dear electrical companies: invent and sell more battery powered fans.

I understand that the power is still out due to severe damage and I am being as patient as I possibly can, but I want. to. go. home. I miss my home, I miss normalcy, I miss my bedroom and not having weird dreams. I miss my city, my friends. I'm tired of eating every meal out and the 5 pounds I've already gained. I'm tired of living out of a suitcase and am now one pair of underwear away from a troubling situation.

And look, I realize and am grateful that these problems are so amazingly inconsequential compared to what we were thinking of and I really don't want to complain, but I want so very badly, just to go home. I can deal with a smelly fridge and tree branches I need to clear. I can deal with the likely bit of water we got in the kitchen due to the non-sealing doors. I can deal with what I'm sure will be the most amazing cockroach graveyard scene ever, but I can't do that from Nashville.

I just want to go home.

*6:31pm Wednesday: WE HAVE POWER. Have never been so happy at the prospect of electricity in my life. Still not leaving until tomorrow night.

^12:47pm Thursday: We don't have power anymore. Universe, it's time for you to stop sucking.


Flea said...

WOOHOO! for power! Have a safe trip home! And being in Nashville makes you tired all day?

Anonymous said...

Wow how lucky to already have power restored. Have a safe trip home.

Kirsten said...

Glad to hear you are OK. I can't imagine evacuating our home, choosing what to take, packing, etc. Then just waiting and praying. Ugh!

Safe travels back home.

Anonymous said...

Aint no place like home :-)

The Floydster said...

I can completely understand the desire to be home, no matter what shape it might be in. I grew up in southern California and earthquakes and totally get it! You're in my prayers and thoughts.