Lucky Number 13

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Um, yea, so my head still hurts, and today can be filed under one of the crappiest of all time, however, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the one good thing that happened on this dreadful day. It was a wonderful start to the day.

I woke up (4:45 am!) to an email from BOSSY letting me know that I had won a contest. Not just any contest, a contest worth a year's supply of Scott products. It's sick how excited this makes me. Toilet paper and paper towels for a year. I'm not even kidding. If my head hadn't hurt so much, I'd have jumped for joy. It also comes with a 100 dollar gift card. Wonder if Tulane Hospital will take that as payment? Probably.

Anyways, and that was the highlight of the day. The rest of the 13th day of the headache (for those joining the journey, this is not the 13th day in a row that I've had a headache show up, it's the 13th day of a particular headache. I have not NOT had this one single headache since Thursday, September 18th. No, I'm not exaggerating) has been horrendous.

Let's see, I said something horribly inappropriate to a student (not like that, but like, could have really serious ramifications, which will make me nervous for some time into the future), I forgot to do something really important for my sporting event and I missed an important phone call related to that. I also left my lights on on my car, killing my battery FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW, same method and everything. Not even joking. This time I had to have someone charge my car with their battery for like 10 minutes before my car would even consider starting. Not at all embarrassing to ask someone two days in a row to jump-start your car.

And of course, no call from the doctor. Which basically means that nothing showed up on the MRI. Which basically means that, in a word, I'm totally screwed. If nothing shows up on this MRI, aside from demanding a lumbar puncture (which will put me just on the wrong side of the crazy line), there's very little I can do besides continue to wait and see. 13 days into a headache which has robbed me the ability to be happy, which has robbed me the ability to interact normally, do my work, or even be pleasant to my husband, and I have no information. I'm likely going to be getting a phone call tomorrow telling me that this is the way it will be forever.

Each day I wake up hoping for something new, something different. Some answer, insight, change. Anything. And each day I go to sleep more frustrated over the lack of change. Tonight I am going to bed disappointed and sad because I really just don't like what the future holds any more.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok...brightside? You can shit your brains out and never want for toilet paper.

Does that help at all?

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Well... yay for free paper products!

I'm sorry about your head, and the work things, and the car... If the doctor doesn't have answers tomorrow, though, please call for a second opinion. And a third. This isn't a situation for giving up quietly. It's one for standing up and screaming until you get the help you need.

Anna in IL

Lipstick Jungle said...

Yay for good news, in whatever form it takes... I wish I won the Scott towels and you won the no pain card, but since that couldnt happen, I hope there is no demanding lumbar puncture and absolutely NO MORE &^#*$&# PAIN for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Bob. Yay Bossy! Sorry for everything else :(

Unknown said...

It is impossible for me to even pretend to understand what you must be going through.
You have my prayers.

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

David said...

Well, I WAS a little disappointed not winning the ultimate diarrhea insurance contest (i.e. unlimited TP woohoo!), but I'm really really glad you won.

But wait! There's more!! You get my wonderful unsolicited medical advice! Excited?

Try alternative medicine in addition to everything you are doing, because traditional medicine is failing you at the moment. I'm not dissing them, but they haven't exactly solved your problem, yet. Seek out a really good acupuncturist and/or chiropractor. Get a personal recommendation, or you can try the phone book, but ask around a lot. See several if you have to. Consider things they have not, such as food allergies or reactions, new things in your environment, and so on.

I have a theory I call "general inflammation syndrome" where your body reacts to the toxins in the environment by swelling and/or inflammation. See, we're swimming in a stew of chemical shit: cleaning supplies, soaps, insecticides, additives, preservatives, plastics, and so on. We weren't made to live like that, and bodies react in different ways. Your way is "all in your head", if you'll forgive the awful pun.

I'm not a doctor btw, but my wife is a chiropractor/acupuncturist, so I have some secondhand experience seeing people get helped when other methods have failed.

Good luck! david

Flea said...

KatieBean! Bean - get it? Your head? Yeah. Don't laugh - it might hurt. And it's not funny.

Here's another one that's not so funny:

What kind of bees make honey?

Honey bees!

What kind of bees make milk?

Give up?

Wait for it ...

Boo Bees!

Anonymous said...

Flea sent me over here through a comment she left on my blog.

My heart really goes out to you and your level of frustration. It's not the same... but I often have vertigo and it can sometimes last for weeks. There is nothing more frustrating that going to the doctor and not getting any relief or answers... and the fear that it will never get any better can really mess with your ability to cope.

I am praying for you! Try not to project this out into the future and just do your best to get through what you need to right now. I'm normally a big picture kind of girl but when things get rough I have to break it down or I get overwhelmed... like when I'm on a hike and there's a huge elevation change before me and my legs are burning... I've learned to keep my head down and count out however many steps I can handle and then rest a minute... and then get back to it. I'm always amazed when I do make it to the top... but, whenever I look up in those situations and see just how far I've got to go I just don't see how it is possible.

Get your head down but keep your chin up and push.