How to screw with someone, storm style

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So yesterday I wrote about how badly I wanted to go home, even without power. Yesterday afternoon we spent an hour at Target buying 100+ dollars of supplies for a house without electricity (and with lots of smells). Someone on Twitter had mentioned some irony about the power not going out at work and I hoped (aloud, hi, have we met?) that we would find some of the same irony.

And I was rewarded. When I called our house at 6:30 last night, the answering machine picked up. I about cried. It meant when we left Thursday night we'd be returning to a home with power. It would still be hot (we turned our a/c off) it would still be smelly (I'm told that electricity does not make shrimp smell less badly), but we would have the electricity and supplies to rectify those situations. And we could return about half of that expensive crap we'd bought at Target. Our money situation, as usual, is not fantastic. We decided to wait and do it today.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I called our house again right before we left to go on our Target return trip, and no answering machine. I called again thinking surely this could not be right.

12 rings and then nothing. No answering machine, no anything.

And now? The phones are down. So I don't know if we have power BECAUSE THE PHONE WON'T EVEN RING. OMG the insanity ensuing in my brain. I realize that there are a lot of people without power (like 200,000 or more in LA) and that I should not be complaining, but to dangle the dream and then take it away? NOT COOL universe, not cool at all. Both literally and figuratively.

We are leaving tonight anyway, because I just need to be there. I can't play the waiting game any longer. And if for no other reason than because if my Republican friend we're staying with makes me watch one more night of the Republican National Convention, she's going to become that girl I once knew who got me locked in jail for murdering her with her NRA licensed rifle.


Anonymous said...

Ha! So you don't really hate Republicans!

Flea said...

So you got to watch Palin's speech last night and I didn't? Aaaagh!!

My grandmother and aunt in Pineville (Rapides parish in central LA) are without power. Their phones weren't working till today, and only my grandmother got the phone back. I think they were amazed to be effected so directly so far inland.

Sister in Baton Rouge happened to be at a convention in Dallas with her husband when this blew in, so no idea to what she'll be returning. I hope your shrimp keeps. :) And that you can return the most expensive items unused!

Lipstick Jungle said...

I just found you today - I am praying that when you arrived home this morning you found the shrimp kept their stink to a minimum because the ice cream kept its cool a little longer than expected.

Good luck, and know that while in the same time zone yet thousands of miles away, we never felt that NO should go away. We were proud that you rebuilt - you are a part of all of us - in this great land of the US!

Take care - and good luck!