Aaaaaaand we're moving...

Friday, September 5, 2008

There are many things about this home and city I can get past.

Cockroaches. I super mega-loathe them, but I can deal with them. My husband cannot. But I pick them up, I kill them and I move on. I understand that they are a part of life and I'm over them.

The tree that we used to have standing in front of our house:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(check out my mad photo editing skillz. Why no, my husband wasn't in that picture, why do you ask?)

And which we now have all over the front of our house and the street. Does anyone have a rake?

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(I wonder why our power's been in and out. Could it be the tree branch straddling that power line?)
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The Humidity. Yes, bread molds in a day and a half. And you can shower Thursday and still be moist on Tuesday, but it's not that bad. (She says in her air conditioned house.) I wouldn't go running or anything, but I think it's not quite as bad as everyone talked it up as.

The Hurricanes. We packed all the important things in our lives and drove to Nashville a week ago and waiting in angst and fear. We got home at 6 this morning after an 8 hour drive from Nashville which involved trying, but failing, to acquire McDonald's at TWELVE different locations from the Mississippi/Louisiana border to the New Orleans city limits. Dear McDonalds, IF YOU'RE NOT OPEN, TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF.

But we survived.

And even the fact that we're not moving all our wedding gifts back into the attic because frickin' Ike has decided to angle itself towards the Gulf, is something I'm learning to cope with, but just in case you wondered...Katie does. not. like. Ike.

I was even completely fine cleaning out the rank refrigerator. God bless whoever it was that told me to put all our freezer stuff in garbage bags. Seriously. You're my hero. It was still smelly and gross. And I could still kill my housemate for telling me (after we had already left) that because buttermilk by definition was already "expired" milk that it didn't need to be thrown out because it wouldn't smell worse after 3 days without power. Newsflash: it does.

But friends, I have found something I cannot deal with.

We have maggots. Millions of teeny, tiny, yellow, crawly MAGGOTS in the trashcan. I don't care if the water isn't safe for showering (Sorry kids, I'm pretty sure the water is fine. Exaggeration for effect only! Whoops! Please feel free to shower!), I am going to go rinse myself off for the next six hours until I stop feeling like there are a billion carnivorous bugs on me.

Incidentally, there's a house for rent in New Orleans. Fully furnished, with lots of tree for decorating at Christmastime. Inquire within.


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Um. Ewww.

(And how did the lemon juice/baking soda work out..... I've found it to work well. Also I found some activated charcoal air purifier things that you stick in your fridge to combat odors. Maybe a good investment?)

Flea said...

Um, I'm sitting here eating chili with Fritos and sour cream. Was fine till I got to the maggots. Thanks.

Glad you're home safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

Our apartment in Baton Rouge had maggots when we moved in. Are you saying that we weren't supposed to care for them as treasured pets? Hmm...

Anna in (maggot-free) IL

Overflowing Brain said...

You've got to give me some credit- I didn't take any pictures of them.

Tempting though it was.


The Floydster said...

I just found you about a week ago through Caroline online . . . My gag reflex is in good working order - it started working when I read about the maggots. Maggots are just downright disgustingly nasty. I can manage most creepy-crawlies but not them. Glad you're back home!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this was not a good thing to be reading after getting home from eating out. Thank you for not taking photos of the you-know-what. (Ugh! I can't even type the word!)

brneyedgal967 said...

Are you seriously moving? On one hand I don't blame you - on another, man, I love New Orleans. I had told my husband post-Katrina that I wouldn't mind moving there - he said I was nuts. He works in the Gulf (when the water isn't churning 60 foot waves) and living waaaay inland is where he wants to live.

Overflowing Brain said...

Nope, not moving. Well, not until June anyways.

But if I needed a reason to, the maggots win.

the queen said...

Trashcan maggots! The worst!

How could you not post photos?

Lipstick Jungle said...

See, here is where I have to cry...
I hate cockroaches (and anything with more than 4 legs)
I hate humidity - whether in hot or cold weather
Hurricanes I have never experienced them, but I have several friends on the East Coast that just met Hannah, so I know enough not to like them.
Maggots, now they are Satans spawn.