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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh. my. hell. This week is eating away at my soul.

First the job. My first attempt to contact my work was last Tuesday, July 1st, at 4pm. My second attempt at contact was Sunday morning. I then called Monday morning and found out that the administrators were at a conference and wouldn't be back until today. So this morning, I sent another email because often if it's been more than a week since an email was sent, it never ever gets read. There's a black hole of emails that has a motto of ignorance being bliss.

I got showered and dressed with the intention of driving down there in person today, but I called first, wherein I found out that they wouldn't be back to the office until tomorrow, so I stayed put. And completely lost my mind. I can 100% deal with not getting this job back, but I have to know because I have to get another job if I don't get this one back. And the school year is rapidly approaching (the school year begins early august here) and there are already very very few teaching positions available in non-public schools (I'm not being a snob, I'm not certified to teach in a public school here- Louisiana doesn't have reciprocity with California teaching credentials, because, you know, they hold their public schools to a much higher standard...).

I also haven't seen my husband since Tuesday and I only saw him for about 15 minutes then while we scarfed down dinner and then I dashed off to class. He's on a rotation now that requires him to be up at 4 in the morning, so he's asleep well before I get home at 10. While I know this is what needs to happen for his education and I support him whole-heartedly and am proud of him for working so hard, I also just miss him. You know? It's not like I can't go a few days without seeing him, because I can. But it just sucks that he is home at night, he's not out of town and yet, I can't spend any time with him.

And of course, the summer school class continues to rape my mind of any and all focus. I'm finding the math part to be really enjoyable, it's the memorizing it for daily quizzes that I'm hating. And of course, the complete irrationality of my professor. We're taking the course at a satellite campus from the main campus and she told us she would post the answer key to the test outsider her office at the main campus so that we'd have to "work to get the answers." I'm not going to lie and say I was polite about disagreeing with this. It makes sense to ask us to spend time studying and to spend time reviewing the answer. It does not make sense to ask us to spend 30 minutes each way in the car to copy down an answer key that could just as easily be posted outside of the door of the CLASSROOM WE'RE SITTING IN. I won. And also, last night, she declared that she'd be grading homework for completion, so double victory. I think I'm next going to suggest that she just give us all As and call it a day.

Anyways, so I'm going to go back to half studying while compulsively checking my email just in case there's any news. Which there won't be. Because this is my life.


Anonymous said...

Just an may still be able to get a public school position. Most will give you at least year to complete your certification, and I don't imagine you'd have to do too much to get certified here...maybe take a PRAXIS or two? I know Jefferson Parish hires teachers under these circumstances and they always have last minute hiring in August.

Overflowing Brain said...

Good to know! I'll surely look into it.

Man, all the Katies are smart, aren't they?

Flea said...

That other Katie is probably right. My cousin has worked for the public school in Georgia the last year while working on a previously non-existent certification. And the school system gave him certain days off to go to classes to make sure he would be certified.

As a product of the Louisiana school system, all I can say about your comment comparing them to the CA schools is - DOH!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How come we all feel like life is one big crap sandwich right now? I think we should all run away and form a commune where life is stress free.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you should start looking today. You've given the administration plenty of notice. It could be that today they'll hop right on it and get back to you, but in any case you'll feel a lot better if you do something proactive.

If they call you today, great, a good start for the weekend -- and, if you're not home because you're out scouting for another position, maybe that will get them going. If not, you can use the weekend to lay out some plans for next week.

It is not fun to feel oneself at someone else's mercy.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought being a lawyer with those sharp arguing (debating, not fighting) skills of yours?