Back from doctor....

Monday, July 21, 2008

She said:
-Asthmatic bronchitis, and as she put it, "one delicate step away from pneumonia."
-Double ear infection
-Probably increased pressure in my head, which should go away when the cough does, but if it doesn't I'm supposed to follow up with the neurologist asap.

She prescribed:
-Z pack (greatest antibiotic invention ever)
-Prescription cough drops
-A nap


Anonymous said...

Hope the meds work quick. Rest as much as possible and hopefully this will be behind you soon.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Z pac will have you back on your feet in no time.

(Also...I think I'm going to start a blog book club. Details to follow but I really hope you "join"....Wow that sounds pathetic, i.e. "Will you please be my friend?")

Anyway- feel better :-)

Lanny said...

I hope that does the trick! I know this doesn't help, but I'm on my SECOND round of double z-pak (ten days instead of five), mainly because I didn't finish my first round. Yeah, I know better, and Army was less than thrilled with me. Anyway, all this to say FINISH THE MEDS!

I hope you feel better soon! Take care!

~~Silk said...

Good girl. Now get well soon.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Reading my blog is like playing Russian Roulette? I LOVE THAT!!!!

Thanks for making me chuckle



Ness said...

Z pacs are WONDERFUL!

Glad you got into the Dr. Now rest and push fluids. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Zo-yipes! It wouldn't do for you to curl up in my suitcase this week. :(

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Zpack is the bomb... and my personal favorite for getting through "asthmatic bronchitis".

Thanks for all of your fabulous advice on the tonsils. We had everything handled except for the room temperature foods. We were going for chilly! Her doc also prescribed numbing suckers which are specially made at a nearby pharmacy. That must be weird having the whole mouth go numb, but as long as it gets down the throat!
And yeah, anti nausea meds rock. The girl is a top notch puker (gets it from her mother!) so that's the first thing we ask for when anyone talks anethesia or pain killers!

I sure hope you feel better soon. If they didn't give you anthing for the cough or you want to relax your airway, my personal favorite is a shot of Grand Marnier!

Anonymous said...

UGH, Katie!

Sounds just like what I have. I start week three of levaquin in the morning (750 mg) which is more than the normal dose but it beats IV antibiotics. Xopenex 1.25 via my nebulizer (every four hours), my xopenex inhaler every two hours (in between xopenex 1.25), prednisolone (liquid prednisone) 60mg daiky until symptoms improve and then taper down by 10 mg every 4 days. The seal bark is the best way to desbribe it; and the elephant sitting on my chest....came out of nowhere. I can't take any cough medicine becasue it interfers with my other meds. I would love to know about the RX cough drops. I sure can use some of those myself.

I hope this note finds you feeling a bit better.

Take care,

J---from IL

Anonymous said...

holy crap. oh my word. I so hope you are feeling a whole lot better soon and are finally getting some rest!!

Anonymous said...


I went thru "asthmatic bronchitis" for the first time in literally decades... and it was caused by the new formulation of albuterol inhalers. You may want to look into whether your illness is being complicated or even caused by the new propellants (HFA, HFA+ethanol). They nearly killed me. Really. Zithro mitigated the infection, but didn't cure it. I had to go off HFA everything to begin to affect a cure. Severe "pressure in my head" was one of the HFA-intolerance symptoms.

The inhaler itself was the absolute last thing I thought of as a possible contributor. Discovering this so late has done serious damage to my health. Anyway, I'm apparently not an isolated case so it is something you may want to look into.

I did a lot of research and contributed to a pretty indepth article about the issue. See

Hope this helps.

Cait said...

I had pneumonia in November...try to avoid that whenever possible.

In short, don't let the Giants win! (My future brother-in-law is a Giants fan, and he's likewise been obnoxious about the trade!)