The Last Blog as a Single Woman

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've almost deleted the title like 3 times because I feel like I'm jinxing the hell out of myself.

I was going to blog about the drama that went on in my family today (involving boyfriends and breakups over phones and fights in hotel lobbies), but I decided to skip right over the funny and go right to the mushy. I'm getting married in like 18 hours, it's my party and I'll try to make you cry if I want to.

I don't get to make a toast at my own wedding (well, I could, but since my grandfather got ahold of the mic at my sister's wedding and tried to sell of his remaining grandchildren it is a very closed mic reception), but there are some things I'd like to say so I thought this might be a good place to do it.

Before I met TF, my life was not on a set course. I had no direction, I had no passion for really anything. I was lonely and I was cynical. Next Saturday night will be 4 years since we met and I can't help but think that someone somewhere had a hand in this.

I took a job at the last minute on the recommendation of a college friend and instead of just a summer job, I found my soul mate. I found a person that completes me better than I ever imagined possible. I found someone who I've given my whole heart to and have never looked back. I found someone who allows me to be my best, and still loves me when I'm my worst. I found a future, I found a home and I found my path in life.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring (okay, I know what tomorrow literally will bring, I'm speaking figuratively here), but I know that I have a person by my side who I want to spend the rest of my life with and whom I can't imagine spending another day without. I have a love that before TF I didn't believe existed and I'm constantly amazed at how it continues to grow each day.

I am not scared, or anxious about getting married tomorrow because nothing feels more right than this. I can't wait to begin this next chapter in my life because I know that my best friend will be there with me, each step along the way. He is my true north, my past and my future.

And I know everything won't go perfectly tomorrow, but if at the end of the day we're officially married, then there's really just no way that I can't imagine a day better than that.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride and don't expect a blog tomorrow night. I suspect I'll be busy.


Anonymous said...

I should hope you will be busy, but an awaiting a blog about THE WEDDING. Have fun, you both deserve a stress free honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you yesterday and the fact that it was your wedding day. Congratulations!! :-)


Anonymous said...

TODAY!!! Yay! By the time you read this, you'll be MARRIED! CONGRATULATIONS!!

kim-d said...

THIS IS THE DAY, KATIE! I am thinking of you and The Mr.-To-Be, and am so excited for you. And I trust you'll fill us in on all the lobby-fighting scoop and such :).

This was a beautiful post but, really, I thought for sure you were talking about the way you felt once I became your electronic friend. BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, ALL RIGHT...I really did know all along you were talking about your man. And you two better be busy tonight.


lace1070 said...

Congrats on your marriage ~ celebrate life! So happy for the two of you ~ Hugs ~ Lace