Aloha from Paradise

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love New Orleans, but I think I'm going to stay here for good. Right now, I'm still extremely full from my breakfast of white chocolate/macadamia nut pancakes with both maple and coconut syrups, sitting in the living room of our condo place, staring at the ocean. Yes, this is the life I think I was meant to lead.

And guess what else I get to ingest besides extremely awesome food? More Levaquin! Because hey, it's me and now my boob is leaking what looks to be snot. Nothing says honeymoon at the beach like a boob leaking snot. Apparently this is an old hematoma that piggybacked the seroma, and now have joined forces to leak through the not closed incision. I know. And you wouldn't have believe how much the nurse cheered when I told her that I refilled the Levaquin prescription before leaving for Hawaii so that they wouldn't have to sort out the cross country prescription prescribing issue. Yep, I'm a worst case scenario preparer.

So, all that said, now I'm going to go slap a waterproof bandage on the snot boob, go rent some snorkeling equipment and with any luck, see me some sea turtles.

On tap for the week: a half day hiking tour through the rainforest (with many waterfalls), surfing lessons, ATV tour, parasailing (if Dr. Awesome aka Slappy can convince me I won't die), a Luau and probably a trip to a neighboring island for more snorkeling.

See, I told you about to the boob so that your envy over my supremely fantastic honeymoon wouldn't overwhelm you. And because I think the mental image of a boob leaking snot is pretty gnarly and I'm just feeling like that kind of person today.



April said...

Sounds awesome, sans the snotty booby! :)

Anonymous said...

Get off that computer and enjoy your honeymoon;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. Snotty boob notwithstanding. Slappy is MUCH BETTER than Dr. Awesome.

lace1070 said...

Good to hear that the snotty boob hasn't changed your sense of humor! Say hi to the sea turtles for me ~ Lace

Becs said...

I am still jealous! I love Hawaii!! Have fun!

Flea said...

Hmm. ...... Nope, still jealous.