Road Trip 2008: Day 1

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We logged about 730 miles yesterday, but at least 100 of those were spent at every offramp from San Antonio to Sonora, Texas (mapquest it, it's no short jog), trying to find a frigging hotel room. We were so ready to just settle in and do some shopping and relax, and more importantly, find someplace in the realm of sterile that I could deal with this dressing situation, and be done for the day. But no. San Antonio is FULL of people. Apparently the Spurs play today (Sunday) and it's graduation weekend and it's Memorial Day weekend. So even shitsplat towns like Kerr and Comfort did not have any hotels.

We got in around 10:30, whereupon I dealt with the dressing that in the 14 hours it was on had grown very attached to my incision and subsequently made it bleed and leak again (which it hadn't since dinner the night before) and really freaking difficult to re-pack. And now, after a night of sleep at the Best Western, we're getting up and getting ready to hit the road. The only objective is to make it the hell out of the remaining 400 miles of Texas. 460 of the miles we logged yesterday were in this freaking state (I'm sorry, I know some of you live here, but Texas hates me and I've grown to reciprocate the feeling) and I'm jut ready to be somewhere home-ish for a few consecutive nights.

I'm sorry, this is neither funny nor entertaining. And believe me, it's as apparent to me as it is to you. I'm living it.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your incision. Hope you have better luck with the hotel-search tonight.

Anna in IL