A Cacophony of Good Fortune

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So last week I got on the phone and called up 10-15 different businesses in the field I'm trying to get a job in for later in the summer and next year. About half of them had no openings, 5 of them told me to fax in a resume and 1 asked me to fill out an application in person.

So on Sunday, which was very decidedly errand day, I went to Kinkos and faxed my resumes all over the city. Have not heard a peep from anyone, though I'm not all that surprised. Today, a day with no doctor's appointments (finally), I was finally able to make it out to the place where I had to fill out an application in person.

Now, first, this place is in Kenner, which is about as far from my home as you can get without crossing the lake, but that's fine, that's something I can deal with later. It is on this mythical magical road that everyone talks about and I cannot ever find. Seriously, this particular street traverses like the entire length of Metairie and Kenner, and I've never ever managed to get myself on it. So you can imagine my surprise when I made a left and suddenly was on the street. It was a driving miracle, and those NEVER happen to me. I once got caught in the middle of a parade on a Wednesday afternoon in the French Quarter when I was trying to find Veteran's Blvd. That's what usually happens, so seriously, a miracle it was.

I did still managed to get lost, but I arrived with plenty of time, filled out my application, attached my resume and gave it to the receptionist who said, "let me give it to the owner and see if he wants to meet with you now." Oh. Okay. Totally had not mentally prepared myself for that. I did the quick check of the teeth, finger brushed the hair. Tried to cover the mustard stain on my pants and then met him.

Truly, I've never seen a man smile as much as he did. He asked me a few questions related to the job and my life and said that I seemed like a great fit. He wants me to come in next week for 2 hours and work there just to see how I interact with the people. He hugged me on my way out (I know, I'm not really a touchy-feeling person, but you hug a man who might offer you a job, no questions asked) and I'm going to call and see if I can come in on Wednesday (if I can move my gynecologist appointment. Or you know, cancel it. Either way. Yea, I'm a super hypocrite, I know, but if the choice is potential job or being violated, I'm always going to pick potential job) for probably the 2 most nerve wracking hours of my life so far.

Seriously, never has anything gone this smoothly. Like never. I'm waiting for the piano to come crashing out of the sky or for my arm to fall off or something. This is so not my life, but damn if I'm not enjoying the hell out of it.


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

That is great! Any good-job-karma is not to be messed with. And as my Mother just told me in an email: good things happen to good people. Call it fate/karma/God or what have you, you *are* a good person and so you do get your rewards.

Now if some of your good-job mojo could rub off on me....

Anonymous said...

That's all really good. But, Kenna? Eww. But really WOOT!!!!

DeeDee said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that this job works out for you or that you find one that you can really get excited about!!

In case you didn’t know, I found your blog through DadGoneMad. I've posted a complete list of everyone who left their blog link on his Big Big Stars post a while back in a post of my own in April called Blog Rolling With My Homies over on my blog, so if you want to see it come on over and sit a spell. I don't bite..…that hard anyway!

If you did know just overlook this and pretend I said something funny since my brain feels like mush from trying to comment on all 217 on the list because somebody had the bright idea to challenge me to it!!

Moondance said...

Accept these little miracles when they happen. I hope he thinks you you "interact well."

Hubby and I can never talk about that "city" without following it up with "darling." You know, "You from Kennah, Dahlin'?"

Stop by the restaurant Siamese while you're out there. The service leaves something to be desired, but the coconut chicken soup is scrumptious.

kim-d said...

OMG. I am not even gonna say too much for fear we'll jinx it...HAHA! For now, I think Nola's "WOOT" sums it up perfectly.

I just know for sure that you will be able to play nice with the others so you won't be sent off to your own sandbox...I just know it. I also hope the hugging isn't a regular practice...ya know, for your sake, not being big on the touch-feely thing and all... :)

Flea said...

Nothing to be nervous about. They like you! They really really like you! Is the pay what you were looking for?