My Life as a Sitcom

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You know you're having a bad day when someone asks you if you think your life has turned into an episode of Seinfeld.

If I didn't know better, I'd really think that God did not appreciate my post about religion earlier this week. Yesterday, I got to physical therapy and literally, the nanosecond I opened my door to walk across the parking lot, it started POURING. I'm talking drops of rain the size of those bouncy balls (I feel like they're called superballs, but like that phase seems inappropriate). I'm pretty sure the sky was actually falling.

When I went to make my appointment to leave physical therapy yesterday, it immediately started pouring, such that I had to walk back to my car in the rain and the grocery trip, also, in the rain.

I arrived at school to go to my open lab to study for my lab practical, I put the car in park and it MOTHER FREAKING STARTED POURING. I actually went into the bathroom and wrug (rung? wrang? rang? wrunged? runged?) out my shorts. It's not like it rained all day yesterday, it rained in short bursts whenever I walked outside. I literally felt like I was in a Prozac commercial.

Fast forward to today, where it of course starts raining about 2 minutes before I'm ready to leave for the day. And it pours and pours and pours. And I haven't learned and started carrying an umbrella nor to check the weather to see if it's a miserably bad idea to wear a white shirt with a not-so-lined bra. Not being able to see your boobs through a shirt is totally overrated.

I had some time to kill, so I went to a coffee shop to get a cookie and something to drink before I went to class, noting that the rain is probably as bad as I've ever seen it. The gutters are all overflowing and there's water everywhere. So I park, next to one of the overflowing gutters, get out and walk in the coffeeshop (I did find a sweater, which helped with the, um, boob issue). I ordered and walked out into the still pouring rain.

I get to my car, go to put my key in to unlock the car door and I dropped. my. keys. In the overflowing gutter, which had an amazingly strong current, leading to a storm drain about 5 feet away. Thankfully, after practically diving head-first into the gutter, I got my keys. But in this process got so wet, you'd have thought I'd showered. And my keys were all covered in gutterness. And I poured out my entire drink because I was so focused on my keys.

The rain did not let up when I got to school, but at that point, what did it even matter? Except that I walked in through the rain and realized I left half my papers in the car and had to walk back through the rain again.

And what's great is that doesn't even begin to skim the surface of why the past two days have been pretty sucktacular. That, my friends, is an installment for another time. So in short, yes, I feel like I'm living in an episode of Seinfeld. The one where they all live in a water-filled hell.


Anonymous said...

"Covered in gutterness." And that is why I read you. We ALL get caught in the rain. You, however, create new words out of it. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I need to stop skimming posts 'cause I missed "covered in gutterness."

I did catch "superballs."

Three words, Katie: Um ba rella.

Anonymous said...

Hope your April 2nd showers bring some April 3rd flowers.

Yeah, it's lame. But I do hope your week improves.

kim-d said...

Go quickly to the nearest church. Repent. I tell ya, denomination does not matter. HA!

Your poor portobellos, being all exposed like that...

Hope today is good!

Flea said...

I'm writing the rain off to living in New Orleans - especially the gutter and drain issues. :) But that's not fair of me, since I always looked forward to those days and never used an umbrella. And yes, they're superballs. You can say that here.

I truly hope your day today improves. Carry your bumbleshoot.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't even sound like an umbrella would help you much with the down pours you are talking about. Really does sound sucky and was not fun for you - I like Anna's comment - so I will ditto that :)

brneyedgal967 said...

April + New Orleans = RAIN

In fact I've only been to NOLA 5 times and each and every time it has rained. I bring a huge-ass umbrella with me now, one I bought on Bourbon Street. It's yellow, purple and green... go figure.

Ness said...

I think I read where Seinfeld was in an auto accident when his brakes failed recently. Watch.out.

Don't hit me, but I love-love-LOVE the rain.

And "gutterness" is going in my dictionary!