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Friday, April 18, 2008

Today was a Katie day. One where, to the common person, things could've been almost easy and surely normal. But because I live in a parallel universe where everything I plan turns to crap, well, I'm sure you can imagine. Or better yet, I'll just tell you.

First, I'm a little cranky. I could not sleep last night. And then when I got tired, the cockroaches started quite literally crawling out of the framework all around me. I kid you not, there are no less than 10 dead cockroaches around the house today. Don't challenge me on this, I have photographic evidence and I'm not afraid to post it.

So almost no sleep made the morning rough. I got to work and did my thing. I don't usually teach 3 classes in a row (block schedule so one class is one and a half hours long), but this is one of those days where I teach 3 and then get out an hour early, which is pretty sweet. So I taught. Imparted knowledge if you will.

After work I ran to the little post office place because I need stamps for my wedding invitations. It turns out that all they have is the Liberty Bell ones, and those just don't say, come to my elegant wedding and reception (which by the way, is actually in 7 weeks. me = not a good counter). So I didn't get stamps for the second day in a row.

From there I headed to my pre-op appointment at the hospital. For anyone New Orleanian reading this, for the record, I hate Metairie. Nothing against the folks residing there, but the traffic is just plain ridiculous. I went 3 miles in 45 minutes and there was no wreck. How can the road construction not be done already? So I was slightly late for that, but it's a hospital and nothing is on time there anyway.

So I did the pre-op, which was a little like pulling teeth. I had to pee the whole time but I held it because I assumed I'd have to pee in a cup for a test and then didn't, so I just suffered the whole time from that. They did my vitals, etc (had a small fever, weird, right?), medications and then past history including surgeries. It occurred to me while I was spelling the word Chiari phonetically for her and after she asked me to explain it in "smaller words" that perhaps they don't do a lot of brain surgery in the outpatient surgery department. Anesthesia also looked at me like I was certifiable when I told them I'd had brain surgery and she seemed astounded that I knew was general anesthesia was. Does not everyone know what it is?

So by this time it's like 4:30. I had to be back at work at 6 to chaperone an event, which meant I had literally just the perfect amount of time to go home, snuggle with The Fiance, check my email, and go back to work. So I head out into the traffic mess. I decided to take a highway that's not the main interstate, and somehow, even though there was a big sign that said NEW ORLEANS pointing to the left, I forked right, heading under the big sign for HARAHAN. I essentially ended up at the airport (I know what you're thinking, no, I still do not have any sense for where things are here) and oh, my gas light was on while I was stuck in not moving traffic.

Eventually I righted myself, but since I now also had to stop for gas and was in stand still traffic, I could not go home at all. I had to pick up dinner and go directly back to work, until about 15 minutes ago when I came home for the first time since 6:55 this morning. My ears are still ringing from the insanity that was the dance and I feel like I might be in need of a new lumbar spine. Humans were not meant to stand for the better part of 16 hours in a row. We just weren't.

And does anyone know if it's a truth or a myth that cockroaches like to lay eggs in envelope paste? Because I need to send these wedding invitations, but I have the biggest case of the heebie jeebies about licking cockroach eggs. That's not okay. It's just not.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. You need a Jessica day. She always has good days.

What a mess. And for the record, even Metairie hates Metairie traffic. And as soon as the finish the road work they are doing now, they will start a new one. I swear.

Use a sponge for the envelopes. Because do you really wanna learn of you have roach eggs on your invitation envelopes??

Lanny said...

Roaches love dried gluey things (at least the monstrous ones in NOLA do), so there's no way I'd be licking those envelopes. I agree with Nola--sponge it!

BTW, no mac-whatever plan. They guy said to wait until my 90 days (for the phone support) was up because buying it in the store then was cheaper. We'll definitely get it though.

Anonymous said...

Yup, buy the fancy envelope-sealing sponge at the office supply store. Practice on a few cheap-os first, because it takes some getting used to.

And call the Orkin man! :)


Flea said...

Do not lick the envelopes. NOLA's right - use a sponge.