When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One of the things I've learned since moving to New Orleans is that to celebrate any even slightly important day, like, you know, Thursday, there is a parade. Not a parade like the ones you see on TV or the ones your kids might have marched in at Christmas time- these are floats on a flatbed of a big rig truck and have wooden siding. And people do not ride and wave, they ride, drink a lot and throw shit (sometimes, literally shit, but more on that later) to the people screaming on the streets. It's fantastic.

Today I went to see the St. Patrick's Day parade with Nola, her family (not just CS and Sun, also her siblings, grandfather and more) and Pontchartrain Pete, and it was an absolute riot. I had read ahead of time about this particular parade, but even with advance notice I still found myself on side of the road wondering if some of these people were unaware of these magical places called GROCERY STORES. You see, at the St. Patrick's parade people are literally screaming for food. Prized catches include cabbage, carrots (Nola got 2 moldy ones), Potatoes, Celery, Scallions, Lemons, Bell Peppers and of course, Ramen Noodles. What says Irish more than Ramen Noodles? The music is also quite fitting, I mean, I'm pretty sure Sir Mix-A-Lot was Irish, right?

Seeing as how I still lack the ability to tip my head back and stare up, this parade was particularly frightening because people are throwing full heads of cabbage and potatoes, and hey, did you know it hurts like hell to get beaned in the leg with a potato? because it does. There were also many beads thrown, and myself, Nola and at least two other members of her family caught beads with underwear attached. The man who gave them to us insisted that we put them on (um, no thank you) and I'm pretty sure one of the highlights of the day was when Nola's sister walked up to her and said, "lift up this leg so I can put these drawers on you." I died. It was great.

There was also some bartering at this parade, when someone in our group caught fake dog shit instead of the carrot she was yelling for, she made lemons into lemonade and traded the shit for a head of cabbage (ironic since when you cook cabbage they pretty much smell the same!). The only thing missing, and technically it wasn't missing, I was just too stupid to use it, was sunscreen and subsequently half of my body is sunburned. It's actually quite an attractive look.

It was really such a fun day, and a nice reprieve from the past two weeks of studying hell. The only things that could've made it any better were if The Fiance had been able to come, if this cold would ever die (I sound like a pubescent boy, it's awesome) and you know, the sunscreen thing. I'm going to go bathe in some aloe vera gel and stalk my wedding registries some more.

In case you needed a visual, here's what my chest/shoulders look like with the full sunburn having set in. Can you guess what kind of shirt I was wearing today? (and yes, I'm wearing a shirt in the picture, I just cropped it out...)

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I heart weekends.


Anonymous said...

To clarify: I did NOT lift my leg up to put on the undies.

And you left out the part where my husband put a garter belt on our 9 month old. Good times!

Ah, that parade is always too fun! Glad you made it out!! Now to go find aspirin.

Flea said...

I have never been to the St. Pat's parade, and now I know why. :) Sounds like a ton of fun, but I was just never into the whole having to strap people onto the floats because they are so drunk they might fall off and get crushed under the wheels thing. Y'know? And as a redhead, that sunburn thing always gets me. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to have met you and sorry I had to go before the groceries started flying. I'm also sunburned; what started at the parade went full-blown in the afternoon outdoors in Madisonville. Aloe vera, here I come!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So Sex Bomb by Tom Jones has a DEEP inner meaning for you?

Not sure if that's good or bad! :)


kim-d said...

Ya know what? I HEART YOUR WEEKENDS, TOO! I am sensing much, much more fun in your life since you started hanging out with NOLA! Yeah, she says she didn't lift the leg for the putting on of the drawers, but I'm not sure if I believe that or not :). With all of the cabbages, potatoes and carrots being slung about, did anybody think to toss out a corned beef or two? Just sayin'...

I think I need to visit New Orleans, what with the price of groceries and all...I did the snort-laugh while reading this, so I can about imagine how much fun YOU had. Rock on, Katie! HAHAHA!