Things I've Learned This Week

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Considering that the last week has been the most craptacular one in recent history, I figured I could try to find some positive in the mess and carnage of those 7 days. So here goes- things I've learned this week...

-The emergency room can be entertaining if you're up for people watching. It can also just assault the crap out of your senses. Never before have I smelled such smells (like the man who seriously smelled like a gigantic foot) or heard such sounds (the very obese man with a cold whose snoring sounded like a tractor) in the same place. It was somewhat amazing.

-Spending half a day in the hospital and then taking an exam is always a wise idea. Everyone should do it twice in a week. Can't wait to get those grades.

-Having your symptoms increase in a short period of time also seems to correlate to appointments spontaneously opening right up. Take today for example, when I lost sensation all the way up to my elbow on the left side, suddenly that MRI that couldn't be scheduled for next week was rescheduled for today and the neurosurgeon had an opening at clinic too. Weird, right? (**I should also probably have included here that the MRI was normal, which ruled out, as my neurosurgeon put it, "a lot of really bad things" which is great news. It did not rule anything in, but we'll take good news just about any way we can get it)

-Being "squeezed in" to a busy appointment schedule does not help you make friends. I'm pretty sure that since I've had 2 MRIs in the past week, neither of which were scheduled, that the women at the radiology desk have a picture of me with the words SCHEDULE RUINER beneath it.

-Eating chicken strips in the radiology waiting room does not make you many friends either. Especially since about half the people in said waiting area are fasting. I'm pretty sure one of the women next to me actually called me a bitch.

-Using the elbow pit vein to inject contrast rather than the teeny tiny one in your hand takes like 1/8th of the time. It also, incidentally, hurts less.

-There's nothing like having the options of find a neurologist now and schedule a quick appointment or be admitted to inpatient for neuro-testing today to knock the procrastination right out of me. That was by far the fastest I've ever scheduled anything in my life.

-Having your neurosurgeon walk with you to a doctor's office to demand a quick appointment scheduling is quite effective (that may or may not have aided in the quick scheduling). Even when the doctor you're trying to schedule an appointment with isn't in and your neurosurgeon has to have the nurse page said neurologist at home to talk to them.

-Neurologist's offices are lying when they say they can't get you in until March and/or May. I saw one today and got an appointment with another for Tuesday. It helps to know the Head of Neurosurgery at a major hospital. It also helps to pester him repeatedly.

There, see, I made lemonade out of my lemons. And then I rubbed it in my eyes. Or I would've, if either of my hands worked.


kim-d said...

Damn, girl, I was glad to hear from you. And I am even gladder to hear about all of this scheduling magic that has happened for you. It makes me worry a little less, that this is being given the attention it deserves. But, one thing I want you to remember. I do not want your friendship and comments just when it's all daisies and sunshine; I'm in for all of it. I do respect that there are times you want to keep stuff to yourself or whatever, and that is never a problem; just never think you always have to be cheerful around me. This is ME, Katie...whining is not only welcomed, but cherished, over on my comments pages. HAHA! I am very anxious to know what you find out...

Anonymous said...

Impressive typing skills you have under the circumstances. Just sayin'.

Glad things are moving quickly for you!

the queen said...

Walked to your doctors office and called him At Home? Dayum.