The Road Re-travelled

Monday, February 11, 2008

As much as I'd like to pretend like the FBI investigation in my backyard is the only thing going on around these parts, alas, we've hit another bump.

For those new to the group, (by the way, I'm usually much funnier than this, and rainbows and daisies typically fly out of my ass with phenominal velocity and frequency) at the beginning of January, both my hands took a nose dive in grip strength and general dexterity. Since then, physical therapy has been devoting hours each week to torturing me to recover the lost function and truly, in my left hand, which was more severely affected, it has been working. These methods include literally hooking me up to four electrodes and shocking the crap out of my hand until it contracts without my consent.

Via this torture, I have gone from non-registerably weak grip to registering a monster squeeze of 12 (units of the grip thingamabob). My right hand has been hanging tough at around 20. My pint size physical therapist can squeeze a 60, so that should give you some reference of what normal (I know, I'm not using that reference anymore, really) would be.

About 10 last night I stopped being able to feel my left hand. And while I can feel it somewhat today, it's not good. It's like it's on some crazy drugs (all prescribed I'm sure). It's getting the signals I'm sending it, it's just getting them really slowly and somewhat mentally deficiently. Oh and it drops things. Though I've learned not to carry my computer anymore, so that's good, right?

If you wouldn't mind sending a happy thought to your higher power of choice that my hand perks back up before we have to call in the neurosurgeon tomorrow, I would be most appreciative. I'm going to drown my sorrows in my 39 page anatomy study guide. I know, please try and refrain from being jealous. Having the FBI swarm around your neighborhood for international spies while you go through 300 notecards with one functioning hand is a pleasure reserved for the lucky few.


Liz said...

You just can't catch a break, can you girl? Sending happy thoughts your way.

Lanny said...

If it had been a week ago, you could have thrown your MIL to the Feds while there were there. :)

Sending happy thoughts and prayers...