Double Entendre

Saturday, February 9, 2008

So at my anatomy lecture last week, my very under-educated and always under-prepared professor (who finds a need to remind us on a daily basis that he has a PhD, and I always want to raise my hand and ask him if he wants a cookie) was talking about factors that alter the norms for blood pressure. Among these include, age, obesity, and sex.

So he addresses the first two and then begins with the third. He's trying to navigate it, he stutters and seems almost embarrased and finally comes clean in his confusion. "I just don't really understand why your book thinks that sex would change the norm for blood pressure. It should go back to a regular level within a small amount of time afterwards. Sex doesn't have long term effects on blood pressure to my knowledge."

(awkward silence)

(crickets laughing, I mean chirping)

Finally a student raises his hand and says, "do you think maybe they mean gender?"


kim-d said...

SUH-WEET...BWAHAHAHAHA! What a dork. It just goes to show that there are some things advanced degrees can't guarantee. Like common sense. I'm GLAD that student busted him :)!

Anonymous said...

OMG I just literally laughed out loud!! That's amazing! Haha my A&P prof, bless his heart, was this old guy, but obviously very intellectual. His class sucked but he's a great guy... just has a little "old man naughty humor" going on. My all-time favorite comment, no competition, is when we were on the reproductive systems (just wait till you get there - it brings hours of entertainment watching people stumble over things!) and dissecting our little fetal pigs. He's helping us identify all the structures and my lab partner asks - "whats that part?" A TA says "oh that's the clitoris" and naughty prof nonchalantly (though with a bit of a grin) says.. "yup, that's what MAKES THE PIGGIES SQUEAL!" We about died stifling laughter! Oh the good 'ole times of A&P!! Hahaha good luck with everything - love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought he meant s-e-x too. Guess that's why I am in taxidermy and not a doctor! ;)

Anonymous said...

You may want to ask for your money back from that class.