God Smiles on Us

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The MIL's flight got delayed, which means that we haven't had to deal with her yet, which means two less hours of her. So really it's only like 9 days and 22 hours with the MIL. This is all awesome since I feel like a pile of ass and I need a little extra time to put myself back together. She should be taxing into the terminal as I type this, which means that I don't have long, especially since I need to do something about the Anatomy Lab smell embedded in my hair and clothes (which disgustingly enough, my cat is infatuated with. Did I mention we're dissecting cats?) and the pile of acne where my face used to be.

I wanted to share my favorite funny MIL story before she got here, because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to top this, though to a certain extent, it's one of those have-to-be-there kind of stories, so bear with me.

I was at dinner with The Fiance and his parents one night and the conversation turned to tricks that young kids play on each other. The Fiance or his father, I'm not sure who, mentioned that kids used to tell others that if their hand was bigger than their face it meant that they were retarded. Now, the point of it was that you'd put your hand up to your face to check and see if it was bigger or not, and when you did that, whoever was being a bully would hit your hand so you'd hit your face.

It's important that I let you know that whoever was telling this story also clarified that the whole point was so that you could make someone hit their own face. It wasn't like they were being cryptic to try to lure us in, which is why it was so humerus when 10 seconds later the MIL goes, "wait, I don't get it, my hand is bigger than my face." And puts her hand up to show us.

And within a nano-second her husband reached over, smacked her hand and she hit herself in the face.


Amber said...

That is awesome!!! I can't belive your FIL smacked her...that is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That was too funny!! I wonder if my mil would fall for that.

kim-d said...

Okay, why can't the FIL visit? I think I sort of like the FIL! How ya doing, sweetie? Hang in there. If need be, I can hop on my broom and be there in a flash, to protect you!