Thursday, January 24, 2008

I wore my hair curly today, both due to time constraints in the morning and because when it's raining, there's almost no point in trying to straighten or pull back my hair, I just end up looking like a tennis ball.

The Fiance (upon seeing me this evening): What's with your hair?

Me: It's curly. Why?

The Fiance: Um, was it, like styled earlier? Or crimped or something?

Me: ...

The Fiance: What?

Also, his mother is arriving in less than a week. Anyone need a house guest (me, not her)? I promise I'll be more well behaved than she will be.


Anonymous said...

I loved that you numbered your comments to me (well, they were A,B, C, but nonetheless).

I thought you were offering your MIL as a houseguest. But you? You are welcome any time!

We want to see a pic of Curly Katie!