Saturday, September 29, 2007

So nothing was going on on Thursday and then everything happened Friday, including a fire a block and a half away, which knocked out our cable and internet for a good 20 hours. That's the longest I hope to ever go without cable or internet again. Ever.

I took my computer into get the hard drive backed up at the "approved" Apple Store (which is code for a store that's shady as hell and that also happens to double as a Penske Rental Truck rent place...). They told me it would be finished Thursday at noon (that was after calling TWICE to tell them not to replace my hard drive because a) they're shady as hell and b) Apple needs to do like 20 other things to my computer besides just that). I went yesterday to get it and the man told me that they used their hardware restoration software and they couldn't get anything. Not. one. single. file.

So may my music, most of my pictures, all my credential and graduate work, internet bookmarks, wedding stuff and everything else that one might store on a computer that has NO FREAKING REASON TO BREAK rest in peace forever. And may the new external hard drive we're getting to back up our computers be worth every single dime.

And now that I'm so tired I could die I'm going to go to not one, but two parties. If I'm still alive tomorrow I only have like 85 more pages of reading to do. I'm starting to hate my weekend almost as much as Tuesdays.


Anonymous said...

That really, really sucks about your computer. We just got an Apple store at the mall by my house, and they are FABULOUS! I thought that my eMac was d-e-a-d, but we took it in anyway, and the guy had it up and running in less than an hour. The techs were very nice, too.

Sorry that you don't have an Apple store nearby, and that you had such a bad experience. I wonder if Apple knows that their official fix-it guy also rents giant trucks? I'm guessing not.

Is it too late for a second opinion? Could you call the IT departments at the local universities and see if anyone freelances repairing Macs? They must see a lot of them coming in, since so many high schools use the Mac platform, and it makes sense to buy what you know.

Overflowing Brain said...


I've had a whole bunch of people offer to look at my computer, but according to Apple, having anyone else tamper with it will void my Applecare and I can't afford a new hard drive! So it's just lost and there's not really anything I can do.

Except write to them and let them know about how horrible the Apple store is here. They will be getting that letter shortly. Thanks for the suggestion!

kim-d said...

Hi Katie~Your whole week? Not so good! To say the least, huh? Speak of worrying (over on my blog), I have been doing plenty of that on behalf of you and your head lately, too. I really, really hope that you can get some resolution. I'd say sooner rather than later, but that would have been, like, two years ago!

What happened to your computer? That is my worst nightmare; all the i-tunes! For once I did the smart thing early last spring, and sprung for a big-assed external hard drive. Even though I did not really have a clue what to do with it. Luckily for me, I *know some people* who know about these things. HAHA!

Next week has gotta be better, Katie! If it helps at all, it made me happy to see that you had left me a comment :)!

Anonymous said...

Katie I know this doesn't do any good now, but I have to say... you don't back up your hard drive?!?! Even important stuff?!?! Ahhhhh!! We do mine religiously every two weeks and while it's a pain sometimes to not use the laptop for a couple hours it's totally and completely worth every dime... and more... because time spent can't be converted to money! I would cry for days if I lost everything on here (a.k.a. my life)! This may just piss you off more reading this, saying "duh Diana I know NOW!" but I'm here to say: use the backup!! Religiously!! It's easy to say "no" when it automatically pops up to update every week, but DO IT! And when you're due for a new laptop, maybe don't get an Apple? With Dell no matter where you are they have a service person out TO YOU in 24 hours or less... it's quite nice! And cheaper too! Hope you have a good Sunday - hugs!

Diana <3

Overflowing Brain said...


I actually did have some of it backed up from a previous mishap, but not any of the stuff from the past 2 years. Definitely definitely stupid, yes. But my computer is barely a year old and I had no reason to suspect that anything was going to go wrong.

As far as the Dell thing. Heeeeeeell no. I had a Dell and believe me, I'm well aware of their Tech support becuase I spent about half my sophomore year of college hanging out with them. My computer crashed 9 times in 6 months. I'm not one of those crazy Mac people who thinks they're perfect machines, but I do like it and for now I'm going to stick with it.

I have definitely learned the back up lesson, believe you me.