Just Another Sucktacular Tuesday

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So I'm home because I couldn't stay awake at work today, which apparently the school I work at frowns upon, which has everything to do with the fact that my nose is a snot factory and I haven't slept well in almost a week. To say that I am both beautful and happy right now would be...um, wrong. Yes, very very wrong. I did stay at work until about 10, then I came home and slept until 12:30 and now I'm lying in bed contemplating the option of lunch.

Thanks to all the ideas and help about the crotch scope. The idea of going in there and fa-reaking out on them to get more sedation is very appealing- but, I think that they can't actually knock me out all the way because it's done in the doctor's office and that seems not legal-ish. So the real question is, can I use all my anxiety meds and sedate myself before I go and then enjoy me some surplus valium? Or am I just creating a recipe for a nice sized coma? Either way, not being awake for having a tube shoved into my urethra seems pretty awesome.

I promise I'll update about something other than my bladder and my runny nose later (hey, at least it's not a runny bladder!)


Lanny said...

Can they do Versed (sp?)? Sorry, I'm not trying to freak you out, just trying to come up with possibilities. They do Versed in dental offices (wisdom teeth, etc), why not for this procedure?

Good luck!

PC said...

Gotta tell ya the other day when I had an MRI at the hospital(I dont like being all the way inside that thing) they gave me 2 mg of dilaudid IV and 2 of ativan IV and I didnt care what they did or remember anythig cept they took my livesavers away until I was a bit more with it and when i had my hip tapped the floor nurse sent me down to radiology with the same combo but the nice radiologist added some versed and i didn't care what he did until i was back in my room and my butt hurt from the big long needle they stuck in my hip. Maybe you could go to Burbon street and down a Hurricane real quickly before hand lol.