I'm so done with this week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brain surgery, peeing blood and a crap-load of work. Oh and another tropical storm headed literally right for us. Hello, next week? Yea, get your ass over here.

And by the way, let me just say bwahahahahahahahahahaha at the idea that I'm in any way calm about the brain surgery. No, you see, it looks like calm, but the real word you're looking for is denial. Sweet sweet denial.


Ann Marie said...

wait wait back up.. back waaaaaaaaaay (that is 12 a's) the hell up.
what do you mean brain surgery???
I mean I knew about the little yahoo being put in your yohoo but NOTHING about anyone doing exporatory poking around in the gray matter..

What is UP???

Anonymous said...

Hope that the storms pass over and leave you high and dry!

kim-d said...

Katie, I think I'm going into denial with you. I also think I'm having sympathy headaches. I wanted to be all insightful for you, but so far, no go. Maybe this weekend. All I can say for sure is, you know you're in my prayers.