Saturday, June 9, 2007

#33- curtosey of Anna- WHEN IS THE WEDDING? Well, that's kinda the question of the hour right now. We have appointments at 4 different places in the Southern California area and hopefully after meeting with them and doing some number crunching, we'll be able to pick a place we like and subsequently a date. We don't have a specific date in mind, just a time frame (the date of our original anniversary, which would be cute to get married on, is like a Wednesday I think). Trust me, once I know when the wedding is, there'll surely be an obnoxious countdown to follow.

#33- curtosey of Kim- WHY DON'T PEOPLE SIGN THE COMMENT SECTION? Well, I know several of you have emailed me regarding this, and often will leave comments there, and it's because you don't have a blogger account, which is fine, I appreciate the emails too, though you should know that you can totally do the anonymous thing here and then just sign your name at the end. Or not, being completely anonymous is cool too.

#33- curtosey of me- WHY WON'T MY HEAD STOP HURTING? Because then I might be able to think/act/sleep/speak/function clearly. I said might.

Oh and Diana? You did not ruin my blog, not one bit. And I probably could go and fix it, but I'm just that kind of lazy. :)


PC said...

Ok..you don't believe Kim and I are just hitting reload over and over lol...just kidding. There is some stuff i got at CVS that works a fair amount. It is these things you smell(ok not what you are thinking) like inhalation beads. There is also some bath stuff walmart has that they have a stress version, an allergy version and sinus and one that is for aches and pains..might not totally get rid of it but might help. Has helped me with migraines sometimes.

PC said...

FYI..it says we cant leave anon comments..it used to not say that but maybe you changed it but thought I would let you know since it says we could post anon and sign our names(not that zi would do that lol)