There's no place like home...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's just getting there that's a bitch.

Friday, I embark on THE drive. The drive from my home here in New Orleans, to my home in California. 2000 miles of pure, endless....nothing. If you've ever driven interstate 10 from anywhere east of Texas to anywhere west of Texas, you know what I'm talking about. 800 MILES OF TEXAS. 800. And there's absolutely nothing to look at on this particular route. I'm not trying to bad mouth Texas (though I do it from time to time...), but it's probably the most boring 800 mile stretch you could find in the universe. Along the way you get to see a nice showing of tumble weeds, some gorgeous cacti and as always, many many different varieties of dirt. You drive through like 2-3 hours of Louisiana, and then like 3 and a half weeks of Texas.

The 10 freeway is going to be the end of all my sanity. If I don't update for several days next week, it's not because I don't have internet access, it's because my brain will have melted so much I won't remember how to spell my own name.

Anyone have a pair of ruby slippers handy?


kim-d said...

You know what would be better than ruby slippers? If you had somebody really fun and crazy to go with you to make it into a roadtrip! Someone like me. HAHA! You'd have to dump me, though, once you picked up your Mom because I'm certain she wouldn't want you hanging around with someone like me...hehehe.

Back in the day, I had two different friends that I roadtripped with. It was fun...very fun, and it wasn't the scenery that made it that way. HAHAHA! I think I would still remember how to do it...

I just cannot believe it's time for you to "go home" already--is it just me or did this year fly by really fast? Just think of all the things that have happened this year!!! Whoa!