On the road again...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm leaving town tomorrow, taking the LONG drive to California. I'm picking up my mom in Texas and we'll drive together from there. She's bringing several books on tape (though I convinced her to not bring the Norah Roberts book because I can't listen to that with my mohter), I'm bringing chips and trail mix and we're both going to pretend like these aren't going to be the longest days in the history of days.

I think I have everything done and packed. Got my oil changed, got a new bumper sticker for my new bumper, packed most of my earthly possessions in case a hurricane decides to hit before I get back and I've talked it over with the cat and I'm pretty sure she's come to terms with my departure.

Now all that's left to do is actually will myself into the car for 3 days. To bad I can't apply the gynecologist margarita idea to the road trip. It might fly here in Nawlins, land of the to-go cups at bars (no, I'm neither exaggerating, nor kidding), but I'm guessing I'd better not mess with Texas, or they might make me stay there even longer.


kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Nawlins still has "roaders"???? I haven't heard of one of those since, like, 1984! Ah, good times! Hehehe. And, yeah, about Little Miss coming to terms with your departure? You may think she's okay, but you really better consider that if you left even just one thing of yours behind, she WILL pee on it. Just to show you she wasn't really okay. HAHAHA! I hope you kinda have fun with your Mom! But, at those times when things seem a little boring, think of what fun we'd have if I was with you....HAHAHA! Gotta get that "road trip" mentality going, I tell ya!