The Eerie Silence of Completion

Thursday, May 10, 2007

As you may have garnered from my last post, I am taking a few courses at a local university to work on a pseudo-Master's degree (I'm doing all the classes that I'd need for a Master's, I'm just choosing not to actually get the degree). Of course, I'm also working 40 plus hours per week. I was talking to someone about it at work yesterday and upon learning that I was going to school voluntarily she looked at me and said, "oh, so you're just stupid then." Yes. Yes, I am.

BUT, I'm officially done (done, finished, tomato/tomahto, I'm not an english teacher) for the semester and I'm finding myself deafened by the silence of inactivity. You have to understand that the past 4 months have been LOUD months. I had a biology class I was taking 2 nights a week and a biology lab, both of which were given by the same professor, who for his own protection won't be named, but he was a piece of work. If I had to describe him, I'd say he was about as like to Will Ferrel's Satuday Night Live Weekend Update character with the voice modulation problems as imagineable. It's like he was yelling at everyone about everything. And he'd emphasize the oddest syllables and words.

"Tonight we're GOing to learn aBOUT the structure OF proteins!!!!!"

Dude, no one is that excited about proteins. No one. So I endured 4 months, 3 times a week of that. Oh and he spit when he spoke. If I had a question in lab I'd always try every other resource before raising my hand. Excuse me professor, I want the news, not the weather. And by the way, brushing one's teeth isn't a crime.

I was also taking an online chemistry course. In this course the learning was all on you, but it was also all optional, because really, when you're taking online tests, it's really all about being a good googler, not about how much you learned. We got online notes, homework and quizzes and had to complete the work within a set timeframe. You'd be right in the middle of the notes and he'd insert some sort of web-lingo, usually "lol". So it'd be something like, "and when the electrons are ejected, they no longer attract each other. *lol*" There was no rhyme or reason for them and they were EVERYWHERE. He'd put them in the answers to quizzes the comments on tests, just wherever the mood stuck him. So one day, some smartass college student asked him on the discussion board what "lol" meant, because he couldn't figure out the chemical composition (naturally, there's not a chemical compound of lol). The professor replied, "Dear (name I won't print), Of course lol is not a chemical compound, it's an abbreviation for "Laugh A Lot". Sincerely, Professor Doesn'twanttenure.

Um. Okay. Except laugh a lot doesn't form the acronym lol. So not only does the man severely overuse lol, he doesn't even know what it stands for.

And of course, the whole time I've been taking these courses, my partner in fighting crime, The Fiance, has been full time in medical school, so the noise of my bio professor, my chemistry professor and The Fiance diagnosing himself with every disease in his pathology book has been overwhelming (just kidding...mostly. He has had a severe bout of hepatic splenomegaly since he first read that word sometime last year. It's his excuse for anything he doesn't want to do, you know, the hepatic splenomegaly is a real bitch, especially when it flares up when I need him to clear his dinner plates). He too is finished for the semester, though I'm pretty sure the splengomegaly will be around for a while. And now, now that I have a Thursday with no afterwork extracurricular activity, no biology lab, nothing, I'm bored. I'm actually bored. It's not that I don't have anything to do (um, like plan a whole wedding...hmmm), I just don't have anything I HAVE to do. Or listen to. Or study.

It's weird, but deep down I'm really beginning to like the sound of free time. lol.


Diana893 said...

DITTO!!!! It's like, thinking to yourself: "what are you going to do tomorrow?" brain (screwed up in our cases) answering: "WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT TO!!" Oh how I love it! Are you doing summer classes to get some more out of the way? Anyway, congrats on being done - it feels oh so good! Not that it's really any of my business, but did you get that A you were so close to in bio? Enjoy your FREE TIME! Oh and love the blog! :)

Sherri said...

Katie, Love your new blog:) It's great!

Sherri (Kara's mom)