The beginning

Friday, April 27, 2007

If you're here, I have no idea how, because I just created this blog today and quiet frankly, I don't even know when I'm going to tell anyone it exists. But here it is.

It is ridiculous kinds of difficult to find an unused name for a blog now. Apparently I really missed the boat on this blogging thing. I suggested a few names into blogspot, who enthusiastically, in bright red letters let me know that they were unavailable and, as a nice gesture, listed a few suggestions. Blogspot? Work on your suggestions.

*My attempted title: People in Glass Houses
Blogspot's recommendations: katie-peopleinglasshouses OR peopleinglasshouses-katie
Because, you know, tacking ones name onto any phrase or expression always makes it more personal and better. Who knew?

*My attempted title: The Grass is Always Greener
Blogspot's recommendations: katie-thegrassisalwaysgreener (are they giving me advice now??? You're not my mom, you can't make me be grateful!)

*My attempted title: Katie thinks she's funny
Blogspot's recommenations: katie-katiethinksshesfunny. That, that's a winner there. Putting one's name in a title twice is even better than once. Yep, Katie-katie, she thinks she's pretty damned funny.

So here it is, overflowing brain. It's a double entendre, which is great because everyone likes a good pun. And a good blog. No promises on the latter.

*Yes, I realize these are lame. No need to point and laugh.


kim-d said...

And Kim-kim also thinks that Katie-katie is pretty damned funny too! I am SO freakin' glad you did this cause now I feel like I can say stuff like "freakin' glad" to you. Not so much on CB. There's a respect and decorum thing with CB; know what I mean? However, just because I can now haunt you here, doesn't mean you WON'T be reading me on your CB, too!!! Ah, something to look forward to...

Yolanda said...

Hi! I scrolled through Dad Gone Mad's comment list and slowed down enough to catch your address. So I'm out here, reading you. Don't freak out =)