Up and Down

Monday, June 22, 2009

Last weekend, in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the day I met Slappy, we went out and saw a movie. He has wanted to see The Hangover for a while (as do I), but I convinced him to see Up instead. I'm working with kids all summer and it seemed necessary to see the newest, latest, greatest Disney/Pixar baby.

And yea. Fuck you Disney.

Never in all my 26 years, have I cried so much in one movie. And I'm not a crier at all. I don't cry when tv shows get sad (um, Grey's Anatomy season finale? Pshaw. Not a tear shed.), I rarely cry in movies, however, without spoiling the plot for you, I have to admit that I was bawling like a baby within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Full on chin quivering, snot bubbling, gross ugly crying.

And then every time they'd do a flashback on the very sad thing, I'd start all over again. I must have cried about 10 days worth of fluid out when all was said and done.

As the movie credits rolled, Slappy looked over at me and asked me if I'd been crying. Um, yea, only for an hour and a half. And then he discovered that I was SO weepy from the movie that in purely mentioning the events that were so sad, he could get me to blubber again.

Oh, honey, did you cry when THIS HORRIBLE THING happened? (Nod and blubber) How about this tragically sad one? (Hiccup cry) What about this? And I cried. I cried again and again. I had to leave the movie before the credits rolled because I was such a snotty tearful mess, it was just absurd.

If you're looking for a sweet story filled with love and fluff, keep looking. If you're coming upon an emotional breakdown and you want to speed up the process, look no further. This movie is your depression maker. It is your tear producer. It is your newest way of thinking about how horrible life can be.

But, you know, with cartoons and stuff.


Pontchartrain said...


See, it wasn't ALL sad.

Jess said...

Oh Lord. I know what you're talking about. We took our four year old to see it last weekend because he had been dying to go to the movies again after seeing "Star Trek" (yes, we're raising a nerd). Anywho, we get there, the movie starts, and when it gets to THAT part, I can feel the tears. I fake cleaned my glasses and rubbed my eyes like I was tired. My husband's eyes were riveted to the screen and I could see the glimmer from an unshed tear. We LOVED this movie, even though it was incredibly emotional. My son? Not so much. He wants to see "Star Trek" again. *sigh*

Flea said...

I kept hearing that about Up. In fact, my Hunny and my 15 year old boy cried. Not a tear for me. Yes, that thing was sad. But I laughed and was mesmerized by Up. Maybe I'm heartless.

Becs said...

I saw it this weekend too and there were about 4 seperate times that I completely lost it. I don't think it is that great of a movie for kids because I don't see them picking up on the many lessons the movie had to offer. I, however, LOVED it so much.

"Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, 'I forgot to gather acorns for the winter and now I am dead.' Ha ha! It's funny because the squirrel gets dead."-Dug the dog.

Or how about, "I hid under the porch because I love you!"

Doug was freakin awesome.

Sue G said...

Yes, I had heard from a friend who took her five year old son to see UP that it is NOT a movie for kids. Too adult in its circumstances, she said.

Guess I won't be seeing it. I still own Bambi in the cellophane wrapper because I am too "ascared" to see it!

Jen said...

I also blubbered at "Up," both times I saw it. I thought it was beautiful and wonderful, but so very, very sad at times too. Thinking about that first bit in the first 15 minutes of the movie is making me want to cry right now. And later on, too. Dang. And even the second time, when I knew what was going on, I still cried as much as the first time! Dammit.

You should know, I cry at movies all the time, though. My husband, sister and one of our friends like to discuss what parts of the movies they think made me cry. (They're usually right.) I just get into movies so much.

Luckily, the dogs made me laugh very hard, and my husband and I are constantly quoting Dug now.

Kaye said...

"If you're coming upon an emotional breakdown and you want to speed up the process, look no further."

I'm sorry, but that just cracked me up. Since I cry over commercials, I will not be seeing this movie until I can do so in the privacy of my own home. I bawl like a baby during sad movies.

Mrs. Apron said...

I can't wait to see "Up"! Even if I know I'll cry, and I will. I've been hearing all the hype and all the NPR love-fest spoilers, but i still want to go. I want to see it in 3-D but my sister-in-law claims she'd be scared by seeing movies in 3-D, so we'll have to see. Did I mention she's 41?

kimybeee said...


You must need your hormones checked! My fifteen year old daughter saw it and she just thought it was funny. Especially the squirrel part.

I cry at everything on tv and movies. Did you see Marley and Me!? I read the book a couple of years ago and was actually dreading the movie. (I cried reading the book, I have an excellent imagination.) I couldn't even watch probably the last 15minutes of the movie because I was crying so hard. Grey's, I cried. You must just be a hard-ass.