Things that are obnoxious

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alternate titles include:
-Things I could just twitter about but am blogging about because I have nothing else to tell you
-Things that are annoying me but probably not you because I am crazy crabby
-Random crap by number

In no particular order, the things that are currently bugging me:

1) Traffic. Look, I know I moved to Los Angeles and yes, I took a job far away from my house, but dude, the cars do not need to ALL slow down to make an s shaped turn on a 5 lane freeway. Really. You just don't. You could at least take the turn at 50 mph rather than 25. Some of us can make it at 80. Some of us would LOVE to make it at 80 at 7am on a weekday.

2) Buying a new car charger for my iPhone. Because OF COURSE my iPod touch charger wouldn't work. (I know, I know, and my diamond shoes are too tight. But still).

3) The morning.

4) Mark Sanford and everyone who has their panties in a twist about it. Unless we discover that he's been using government funds and totally not doing his job, then DUDE, who cares? Adultery is between a man, a wife and his mistress(es). He can sleep with the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy for all I care. It's still not my problem.

5) Dick Cheney. Not for any reason in particular, just his existence in the universe.

6) The freaking jerk at work who took my diet coke from the refrigerator at work this afternoon. The diet coke that I LABELED with my name AND initials to prevent just this situation. Dude. That is so not okay. Because at 5pm when I was STILL in my car (see #1) trying to get home and nearly falling asleep from getting up so early (see #3) I really could've used some effing caffeine.

7) My nocturnal kitten. Dude. It's dark out, leave me the hell alone.

8) The fact that I ordered a custom made gift for my campers and it finally arrived today...and the camp's name is spelled wrong. And the fact that it's probably my fault, but I have no way of knowing so I can't really call them up and complain. And because that is totally the kind of typo I would make.

9) The stickers on the back windows of cars with pictures of families. These don't actually bother me, per se, but rather, they worry me. All you need is one sick shit to look at that and target your family. I just feel like maybe you shouldn't advertise the fact that you have 4 little kids in your van.

10) #9. Because now I'm all kinds of depressed and weirded out by how little I trust other human beings.

11) That it's 10:02 and I should've been in bed 30 minutes ago.

12) Jillian Michaels.


ssb said...

Politicians' marriages become public discourse when they make marriage a political issue. I don't condemn the man for having an affair, I condemn him for being a hypocrite and denying others a right which he clearly doesn't consider to be important or valuable.

Traffic sucks. It is the thing I miss the least about living in the DC/Baltimore area. What are all those people doing on your road anyway?

Sue G said...

Don't be weirded out by #9. It's not that you don't trust. It's that you live in a world where needlessly bad things happen all the time because people make sick and demented choices that harm others. You are being practical and cautious.

It's the world that should be upset and ashamed.

Carolyn said...

Did you know there is a whole Facebook group devoted to how obnoxious Dick Cheney is? It's called Telling Dick Cheney to Shut the Hell Up. Join. It will make you feel better.

John said...

If only everyone could be as perfect and trustworthy as I...
or you.

stacey said...

I have never seen the stickers, that would freak me the hell out. wow.

Jillian Michaels is a goddess, leave her alone. ;) hahaha.

I don't miss traffic AT ALL.

Flea said...

Those bumper stickers? I have one with the stick family. At the end of it is a blobby monster with Glornak the Destroyer under it. Totally rocks.