Sunday, June 14, 2009

So, after days of pouring through your 51 comments with name suggestions, and after picking up our little ball of fur and energy, we have a name.

We decided that this little wonder cat...

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should be named...


If you don't know New Orleans, you probably won't understand this, but it's the name of my very favorite restaurant there. I had wanted to call him Crabby Jack (owned by the same person as Jacques-Imo's), but the kitten who was calm and timid at the shelter is one rambunctious kitty. And not even slightly crabby. He does everything like it should have exclamation points! all! the! time! It's pretty hilarious.

No one actually suggested this specific name here, but Stacey was the closest with Jacques, so Stacey, shoot me an email ( and I'll get your prize out!

In case you were wondering how Karma was reacting, the answer is NOT WELL. Jacques wants to be her best! friend! and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. See for yourself...

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And to keep yourself more entertained, a video. It's very dark, but if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of loathing from Karma and the complete indifference to those sounds that Jacques has.

Karma and Jacques-Imo from Overflowing Brain on Vimeo.


Flea said...

I'm sure that when he's older you'll be calling him Crabby Jack. :)

stacey said...

whoo hoo!! I was thinkin Jaques Imo when I put that, but thought nahhh they won't like that! silly me. What a cutie pie. If I see Jaques in the Maple Leaf, I will let him know. ;) LOL

Sue G said...

Congratulations, Mama and Papa. And, of course, to Stacey who will now be able to take a cupcake with her wherever she goes.

Life is good.

~~Silk said...

First glance at Jacques-Imo, I thought he looked a lot like my Miss Thunderfoot (except that Thunder is an 11-yr-old long-hair). Then I noticed the white splay on his lower back - Miss Thunderfoot has that, too! I thought it was unique!

I also watched the laser video, and I have to warn you about lasers. At about 23 seconds, the laser dot crosses his face. That's dangerous. You can blind him. Never bring the beam across the cat, he could turn quickly - always move it away from him. And watch out for mirrors and shiny or reflective surfaces.