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Thursday, June 4, 2009

We have landed!

We arrived in California late late Tuesday night, stayed in a nice hotel about an hour and a half from our new home and then Wednesday around noon, pulled our big-ass moving van up and signed our lease. And then we waited for about 4 hours and started unloading boxes. We'd like to personally thank mother nature for the RAIN yesterday because that was so incredibly necessary. Really.

But rain aside, it's wonderful. I LOVE our apartment. It's brand new, we're the first to live in it and there's something really cool about that. It's the first real place Slappy and I have had, as we shared the last place with housemates (oh, wait, I mentioned them once or twice? Weird). Now it's just us and our stuff. It's awesome.

Unpacking, for me at least, is like Christmas morning. We got a ton of great wedding gifts almost a year ago and have only opened the toothbrush, Panini Grill and Waffle Maker. So when we got all the kitchen boxes into the apartment, I had piles upon piles of brand. new. stuff. Seriously, like unwrapping gifts on Christmas.

Our unpacking is slightly hampered by a profound lack of important furniture. We can't unpack our clothes because we don't have dressers. We can't unpack DVDs (we have, um, 250...) because we have no shelving for them. Or, you know, trash cans.

And we can't put our desk and bookcase together because we don't know where we're putting them. We had a very serious conversation at 1 in the morning about the bookcase and how if we put it in one place, we'd both die in an earthquake, but in another place only one of us would, and how do you choose who to sacrifice? So, we need to find a better place AND buy some wall anchors.

We also have a profound lack of internet, which is why I have been missing. Thankfully our leasing office has an internet cafe with free wireless, so when I need a fix I want to check my mail, we can just walk down here. The internet should be here on Monday, along with television and an end to my withdrawals.

There is much left to be done, but I am so very happy to be here, even if a little sad about no longer being in New Orleans. This is a good change for us and it feels like we're truly beginning our real lives together. I'm so damn happy I can hardly stand myself.

(p.s. The comments on the Unity post are amazing. You all have enlightened me and challenged my ideas. I appreciate it and maybe we'll do it again sometime. Maybe we should write to congress and tell them how to have kind discourse? All congressmen LOVE getting advice from bloggers. Trust me.)


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Yay for your new place & all your fun wedding gifts.

BridalWeddingBoutique.com said...

Isn't it exciting to see what you may "find"?! Good luck unpacking all your wedding gifts! :)

Flea said...

Congratulations! What fun, to have Christmas in June!

Sue G said...

Welcome home, Katie and Dr. Slappy. This really is the beginning of the rest of your lives. The rest was just what you had to get through to get from there to here.


Colby said...

(Here via Daisy). I've been dropping by for a while, but here's I belive my first comment. Welcome to CA!

Anonymous said...

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