Turbulent Tuesday: The Irony Edition

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So, much of this actually happened on Monday, but since it's still affecting (effecting? Seriously, how old will I be when I learn that?) my life today, I'm counting it.

Last night, Slappy and I went to the gym. In retrospect it was a pretty lousy idea, since I'd had a headache since Sunday night, but I wanted the exercise. And then the exercise made my head about 30 times worse, so we left before beginning a 3rd, tie-breaking game, of racquetball.

When we got home, Slappy asked me to grab him a pudding while I was in the fridge area. Only, the pudding got stuck, so I sat down in front of the fridge, under the open freezer.

Yea. I know. Smmmmmmart.

About 20 seconds later, I hear crashes and feel pain. As it turns out, while I was sitting on the floor, two of the icepacks, which have frozen into 40 pound bricks with extremely pointy edges, fell out of the fridge. And onto my head. Both of them, beautiful bullseyes on their targets.

And I'll admit it. I cried sobbed, unconsolably for a few minutes, because DUDE, that hurt.

And then I reached up and felt the ridiculously instantaneous goose-egg on my head, which was not just painful, but actually noticeable with my hair pulled into a pony tail. That's how big it was. My ear also took a beating and within ten minutes turned a beautiful blue color.

The great irony here is that I had opened the freezer in the first place, TO GET ICE PACKS. For my HEAD. I know, sometimes the irony is almost too much. I got hit on the head with ice packs, while trying to get some ice packs for my head. Oh universe, you're just so funny.

I also had the distinct pleasure of, for the first time ever, being awakened by a headache in the middle of the night. I would imagine it had something to do with the flying icepacks, but honestly, I laid in bed for a few minutes wondering if I should go to a hospital. I woke Slappy, he said mumble mumble mumble that I should be fine and told me to go back to sleep. So I took more tylenol than any of you will approve of and went back to bed.

It was better in the morning, but today has been far from comfortable in terms of head pain.

I also had to write an entire exam for a course that I only teach 2 sections of, while the other 4 teachers who teach 5 sections of the course twiddled their thumbs in wait. Not to mention that I had to write a completely different exam last week for my other classes (and they're wildly different. Like teaching home ec and physics...). So today has been draining, among many other things.

And I was totally going to tack something on here like, today has been draining, but the weekend is almost here, and then I realized that FAIL the weekend is still 3 full work days away. I mega-loathe Tuesdays.

So, comments have be SPARCE around here. It's your turn, give me something, anything. How was your Tuesday? We don't discriminate, we like good and bad Tuesdays. We just might hate you a little inside for the good ones. (Kidding!....Kind of...)


ender said...

dude, i feel you.

i took other half to the hospital on friday for her migraine. she'd done everything right, including calling the dr office 1st thing fri mornign to let them know she was having yet another freaking migraine but her ins co dragged their feet on the pre-cert for the infusion at the hospital. so, instead, we wound up at the ER on friday nite. i know. you're jealous of our fun life.

in other news, LA is soooooo much better than IN. i know CA is better still ... but IN? really? and in this economy???

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I only had time to pee once. Which is made doubly fun by the fact that I am guzzling water due to (ahem) extra fiber supplements.

My kidneys hurt.

And seriously people...I thought 2009 was the year of no health thingies? How is it possible that we all have this many migraines???

Anonymous said...

The solution is obvious - buy a fridge with the freezer on the bottom. Of course, then you can have a gallon container of milk fall on your head. Or a six pack of Heineken, although you could at least drink that to try to make the pain go away... like I should do right about now.

Lanny said...


I had a good day (blogged it), but I was up ALL night with Linus, and now I have a horrible headache. I think I'll skip the ice though--thanks for the warning. Our freezer is on the bottom, but I swear I'm the only person who could still have an accident.

Janet and Josh said...

If it makes you feel any better, I fell, walking UP the stairs this morning, backwards! Luckily, Josh forgot his cell phone and came back in the house and was at the bottom of the stairs as I was starting to fall from the top, and he caught me.

Hope you feel better!

Oh--and Angio is set for June 10th and Revision is scheduled for June 11th, on Long Island.

Flea said...

Tuesday was a non-event here. Sorry.