Turbulent Tuesday: The Completely Random Edition

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Tuesday! Ahem. I mean, it's Tuesday...

So, to start the day, I got ready, was only running 5 minutes late (which is about 10 minutes less than usual) got out the front door and to my car before I realized that I had Slappy's keys. I got in the car, assuming he could just use mine and started to drive off when I noticed that I had BOTH sets of keys. So, I parked the car, ran upstairs and dropped the keys off with a sleeping Slappy.

I got back out to my car and started it. Just as I was getting ready to pull out, the garbage truck pulled in front of me. The SLOW garbage truck. And of course, I had my air conditioning set to send in "outside" air, and by the time I realized this and went to change it, my entire car smelled like garbage. Which is really ironic since I had just thrown out my car garbage bag into the very trashcan that was being emptied into the garbage truck.

And truth be told, the garbage smell is only slightly more offensive than the apparently permanent smell of cinnamon scented cat foot (cat food from Gustav evacuation when it spilled ALL over my trunk, cinnamon from the air freshener I tried to use to cover it up. Mark this one under FAIL).

Then I got to work, where I had to track down a teacher who had a paper I needed like last week, but who informed me that she didn't give it to me because my classroom is "so far away." Dude. Then I taught all day.

Which was kind of a feat because I'm feeling fairly lousy. I'm finally coming to the end of my Xanax taper and am now alternating taking 1/4 of a dose and none each night and subsequently on days like today, in which I have no Xanax in my system, I feel like crap. My headache is worse (and different), I'm nauseated, and just generally feel badly. It's especially difficult because the taper has been going so well and I so want to be done with this drug, but right now the side effects of discontinuing it are worse than staying on it and it's hard to convince myself to plow ever forward. It's going to get better right? RIGHT?

I also still have the mother effing face tingling. It's literally like when you have pins and needles, only it's in my face, only the right side of my face. It's not constant, but it's frequent enough to be extremely obnoxious. I'm going to the neurologist on Friday, though I need to remember not to say anything about it because Slappy's parents will be here on Friday and they think that a) I'm a hypochondraic and b) having brain surgery was, and I quote, "the worst idea ever." So, brain talk cannot happen while they're around. But that's okay because the massive quantities of ranting that will happen will make up for it.

I also stopped by Tulane to get my medical records and I think the lady misunderstood me and made copies of EVERY MRI I've ever had there, which is not a bad thing, but it's a really really really really slow thing.

And finally, as a sort of reward for getting through the majority of the day, I checked my online transcript and found that all my grades are in. And they're all A's. I'm so incredibly excited, I almost changed the name of this post to Triumphant Tuesday, but you know, that would ALMOST classify this as not whining. And I surely don't believe in that.

So your turn. How was your Tuesday? Trippy? Traumatizing? Tantalizing? Tell me all about it (in the comments!)


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Total Failure. Got all set up at 7 am to work from home only to realize I'd left my work laptop at home. TOTAL FAILURE.

Flea said...

Well hooray for your transcript! And HOORAY for the A's!!!

As to the in-laws visiting - I believe you know how I feel about the MIL. I'll pray for you. That you don't BITE THROUGH YOUR TONGUE.

Sue G said...

Hey, I say let the tongue lash away when the MIL is over. The Bible clearly says to butt out after your son gets married (really, it's in the O.T.--you know, her book)--and it is written more nicely (leave your father, mother, etc.), but it certainly gives you the right to dish it back and let her take it for a change.

My Tuesday has been L.A.Z.Y. After a whirlwind medical visit to Chicago for scans and all that jazz, I returned home and have been running on empty ever since...but still running. So, today, I allowed the slug in me to rule as I watched a bunch of stuff I had DVR'd.

I choose, however, to label it as "listening to my body." That allows me to be a slug and still have people respect me. :-)

Congrats on the A's. Not that I doubted it for one minute.

rbn in seattle said...

I teach an after-school gardening/cooking class for elementary school students which was TOTAL chaos today. It started to rain just as the kids arrived, there was a small fire from the propane stove (which was probably the highlight of the day for several of the boys), and kids were eating snack after digging in the worm bins without washing their hands. On the plus side, they all loved the asparagus :)

Congrats on the grades, and good luck with the MIL....

Jess said...

Congrats on straight A's! That sort of makes up for the fact that you have to deal with in laws soon. I feel your pain on that. Trust me.

Let us know what the neurologist says about your face. My husband has that same sensation, except it's on the left side of his ribcage. He's already been to every doctor his shoddy insurance allows him to see, but they say he's perfectly normal (I'd like to debate that normal part), and they could find nothing wrong.

My Tuesday was good. Got the newest "Return To Labyrinth" book, took my son to the park, and then copped a bottle of Mexican Coke from the corner market. Now if my foot would stop sucking and my tiredness would disappear, life would be stellar.

Anonymous said...

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carolyn said...

Gotta tell you Katie, I have had a migraine for a week. I had sympathy for your headaches before, but this took it to a new level. Man, I hope you figure out what's causing them. Very cool on the A's. What an achievement!!