A glimpse into our lives...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So, about a month ago, Slappy and I were changing the sheets on our bed and Slappy put our cat, Karma, into a pillowcase. For whatever reason, I decided to videotape this endeavor.

When I watched this video last week after uploading it, I could not help but share this gem with the internets. Because, not only is it a video about our cat, but it is a true glimpse into our lives.

Things you should know before watching this:
a) I am a HORRIBLE photographer. And therefore, there's like nothing to see. It's really and audio glimpse into our lives.
b) I mumble. A lot. Turn your speakers up.
c) He did hit me. But not hard.
d) At the time, everything that came out of our dryer smelled...musty. Or sweaty. And frankly, a little like balls. Which is a horrible image, I know, but it did. And hence my comment and then Slappy's signature song.
e) He's not my mother.


Cat in a pillowcase...and balls from Overflowing Brain on Vimeo.


Insomniac said...

This could totally have happened at our household, save that we don't have a cat.

And I'm the one who sings random songs. :)

Sue G said...

Okay, not sure I understand the intention behind putting the cat in the pillowcase and then tapping her/him every once in a while, but, hey, I'm not as creative as you.

I figured I would ask someone who knows what animals like and how their owners show affection. So I sent a copy of the video and your email address to the SPCA. You should be hearing from them soon.


Overflowing Brain said...

The cat actually LOVES being inside the pillow case. Whenever we make the bed she usually gets underneath the top sheet or in a pillowcase, so Slappy decided to help her out and make it a little easier.

As for the poking, well, that was just boredom. I expected her to do something cute and she just sat in it, happy as a damned clam. Which is why I had to bother her, of course.

In case you wondered, PETA would be a much better authority on this one. :)

Flea said...

Oh dang. I'm at work and can't turn up the volume. Tomorrow when awake. Most cats love being inside of things that move and make noise. Putting a sock on their heads is freakin' hilarious.

Jen said...

Our kitty likes to get under the fitted sheet when we're making the bed. We'll be making the bed, and all the sudden there's a kitty-sized lump in the sheets. It's really pretty hilarious.