Destin-ation Flori-cation

Monday, May 11, 2009

On Friday afternoon, Slappy and I departed for the beautiful white sand shores of Florida. We stopped and had dinner at Cracker Barrel (which is seriously one of my favorite restaurants, by the way) and got in to our hotel (which was of the utmost quality at 68 dollars a night) around 9. We lounged and crashed for the evening.

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Now, I LOVE with great passion, the beach. I love the sounds, the smells the entire experience. I love love love it.

My husband? Does not so much. He likes the ocean, he does not like the sun. And with great reason because the sun hates him something fierce.

So we had a quick fried seafood lunch, sunscreened ourselves and enjoyed the sun.

Later we went in the water, where a swimmer informed us that there were stingrays jumping in and out of the water. And then I died. But we stayed in the water any way. We also saw what I firmly believe was a baracuda, but what some other swimmer said was some normal fish thing. Whatever, it was ginormous and I'm pretty sure it had fangs. The rest of the beach saw my entire ass because my bathing suit bottoms are a little big and even more so when they're wet. It's like the Coppertone kid, only SO much less cute with my nearly 26 year old ass.

All told we were in the water for around an hour, and then I went and spent a little more time in the sun while Slappy sat in the shade (well, as it turned out, he sat with his body in the shade and arms in the sun because his hand ended up totally sunburned). We stayed a little while longer and then headed back to our craphole hotel.

By the time we got to dinner both Slappy and I were both showing signs of a sunburn despite our best sunscreening efforts. Apparently when Slappy sprayed down my back with sunscreen, he went side to side without quite covering my whole back, so I have a big Z shaped sunburn. It's cute.

We had a great (seafood!) dinner and then saw Star Trek, which was much better than I anticipated it being. Though, truth be told, I didn't expect it to even be tolerable because I mega-loathe science fiction, so really, it wouldn't have taken much.

Sunday we went to a water park, and much to our dismay, we ran out of sunscreen. Can you think of a better place to run out of sunscreen? I mean, usually you have to pay like 20 bucks for a 6 dollar bottle you could've gotten at the drug store. But yesterday? Yesterday we found a water park that did not sell sunscreen. Seriously. That has got to be the most oblivious money losing scheme ever. I mean really.

All said and done, it was a fantastically wonderfully relaxing weekend. One I needed really really badly. I'll miss being a short drive from Florida, but will love being within an hour of a beach any day of the week. (ZOMG we're moving in 20 days!)

To make sure we were officially finished with vacation, the first thing I did upon arriving at our house was trip running up the brick stairs, carrying a heavy backpack and scraped/bruised the ever living crap out of both of my legs. And arms. And hands.

Because I just wanted to draw a big line between vacation a life. You know, where vacation is relaxing and real life is constantly hurting myself in any way possible.


Meg said...

1) I looove Cracker Barrel.

2) I loathe science-fiction.

3) I'm glad you had a wonderfully relaxing vacation!

Lanny said...

Clearly another vacation is in order!
I can relate to the Z. When I was 10 or so, my mom bought sunscreen on a stick (like chapstick, only bigger). She put it on my shoulders, but I didn't rub it in. I had three nice non-burned lines on each shoulder. Everything else was a blistered mess.

Glad y'all had fun while it lasted. :) Hope your arms/hands/legs heal quickly!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...


I can't eat at Cracker Barrel after the one time I watched a mother feed her child ranch dressing out of a bowl with a Cracker Barrel supplied spoon. I was so disgusted I over-salted my grits and I just can't do it anymore.

Sue G said...

AZ finally got ONE Cracker Barrel and I wouldn't say I love it or anything except why else would my friends give me Cracker Barrel gift cards for most ocassions??? Right now I have $75 worth of them in my purse.

That's a whole lot of Cracker Barrel.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I understand the whole Cracker Barrel thing. Being a vegetarian is not so easy there. And fried apples? Pretty much the only thing I can eat there. Haven't been since high school. No designs to go back anytime soon.

But to each her own!