Worlds Colliding

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few weeks back, I was flipping through the Facebook stream and noticed a blurb my former (and soon to be again) summer boss had put up. I recognized it immediately as something that a number of bloggers were participating in, and was suddenly intrigued. I mean, was it possible that my boss, the one who predicted my marriage to Slappy from day 2 of dating had a blog? Really?

It took Slappy about 30 seconds to track down her blog(Google: the end of anonymity). My boss has a blog. And instead of playing it cool and stalking her secretly, I immediately left a comment stammering about how, dude, I have a blog. And she has a blog. And holy crap, we're both bloggers.

It was every bit as cheesy as it seems.

And now I read her blog and I know she reads here. And in a few months we will be working together, most likely pretending as if the other doesn't lead a double life online. I don't know why the whole situation confuses me as much as it does, but I've never accidentally found someone I know online. And I've almost never had to pretend that my blog doesn't exist. Except, I mean, around all my coworkers, and family and real life friends. But other than that, you know, like never.

It makes me ponder giving up the anonymity. Telling you where I'm going to school next year, telling you what degree I'm going for (though if you're very mission impossible-esque, all you'd have to do is read some old comments and you'd know where I'm going because, um, some of my commenters are not the most discreet (*cough*Daisy and Melissa*cough*)). Why not?

I guess the fear of people intruding on my life. The fear of getting thrown out of school for saying something I shouldn't (what? Me, criticize a school? Never. More on that tomorrow, by the way...)

Eh, it's something to consider. But probably not act on right away. You can file this blog entry under stream-of-consciousness-to-fill-the-void-of-silence because I think I just wrote about 6 paragraphs that you'll never get back. Sorry 'bout that. But hey, I didn't say anything about my heinously endless headache.

Oh. Oops.


Dysfunction Junction: said...

It was the cheesburger comment wasn't it? Damn, I totally blew your cover.

But tis a very timely post. I just told my downstairs neighbor about my blog. He's the first person who knew me in "real life" first. And it turns out he has a blog. And he won't tell me about it yet.

That totally frosts my cookies.

Tiffany said...

Oh sweet secrets of the blog world... how I love that someone will finally understand by double life.

We are so blogging this summer.

Quit calling me your boss.. I am so not a boss.

Of all the camp peeps, I am so glad it's you.

Sue G said...

Hey, tell me anything. Between chemo brain and my age (which I don't really knock considering how hard I'm working to get really, really old), your secrets are safe with me. My synapses misfire all the time!

The investigative reporter in me would love if you would share all your info. But, the pragmatic, older, wiser (so I would like to think) and most nurturing person that I am recalls (vaguely, of course) abut a week ago when that anonymous person left a less than nice--er, less than human--comment on your blog. So you may want to give some more thought before you start revealing too much.

Now what was I going to say? Oh, yeah. Thanks for signing my CB page AGAIN! That makes two times in a row without any coercion from me. Either the guilt I placed on you is working like a time release capsule, or--in the words of Sally Field--you like really like me.

I like you, too. Just thought I'd mention it.

kimybeee said...

I think if you do choose to be a little more "out there", I would block anonymous people from being able to comment. That way you can't let the cyber stalkers that want to be nasty have an open field day on your life.

Who wants nasty comments from strangers anyway?


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with keeping some things private. And I for one don't have time to read comments so your secret's safe with me...cuz I don't know what it is!
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Flea said...

Cheeseburgers? I didn't see cheeseburgers anywhere in this post. I want a cheeseburger.

Ali said...

On the weekend I went to a local farmer's market and saw people that I recognised as being a local blogger and her kids but I don't really know her. It was weird.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I just saw that misspelled cheeseburger. I am ashamed. This comment is irrelevant.