Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lest you thought I was joking about the slob that one of my housemates is, I thought I'd offer you some pictorial evidence.

You see, I went to restart the wireless router (which is in her room) this morning and was literally almost swallowed alive by the shit piles in her room.


And yes, this is probably invading her privacy, but guess what? a) I don't care, and b) all the furniture in that room that she has covered in her crap is MINE. And I feel like when someone ruins my stuff, it kind of breaks the privacy contract.

This is before she moved in:
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This is now:
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This is before she moved in:
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This is now:
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So when I call her a slob, understand that I'm not just being a bitch. I'm being the most literal bitch in the world.

These people are making me freaking crazy.


Meg said...

WOW! That is unlike anything I have seen before. You would not even know it was the same room!

I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Dirty people suck. ;)

Becs said...

What a shame that she can't see how beautiful that room is.

Um, am equally guilty of leaving my laundry in piles in my bedroom, but then again, it is my house. Still, if I lived with someone, it would be way different.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Mother of Pearl...I think I'm gonna be sick. I don't even own that much crap.

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

How do someone ever find stuff in there? Is she constantly losing her crap? Tell her to look on her damn floor.
I live with a housemate (my best mate), and we both do our share of cleaning. We're not freaks, and we clean if we want to.Usually whoever isn't working does the cleaning, if something needs to be done. My bedroom is usually the messiest room of the house - but no-freaking-where near that messy!

Anonymous said...

You can still see floor. Not that messy. Wait until you have kids. I'd invite people over if our house was only that messy!

Anna in IL

joanne said...


Sue G said...

Well, at least she hung up her purse.


Grace said...

is that... on the floor... the white thing... a thong?


columbiacitygirl said...

That is just nasty.

One Sick Mother said...

Sorry that my first comment here is critical. I enjoy your writing style, but I feel impelled to make two points:

This IS an invasion of privacy. These pictures are of a person's private room and not of public areas of the dwelling.

If you are the landlord, you should consider your legal position very carefully. You have probably left yourself wide open for a lawsuit here.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but there you have it.

Overflowing Brain said...

One Sick Mother-

I appreciate your honesty and willingness to speak out when you think something's wrong. I truly do.

My husband and I rent the house, we then rent out the rooms, so her contract is with us. However, we, not her, are responsible for any damage to the house, which is already happening and I guarantee I'm going to have to pay for her mess.

I loaned this housemate my bed, desk, bookcase, television, dvd player and tv stand among other things, to someone who agreed to keep them in good condition. I know for a fact that there is mold growing on at least one surface, which is not only destruction of my property, but endangering my health since I have a significant allergy to mold.

If she wants to come at me with a lawsuit, she's not got a leg to stand on. Her contract is already voided by her violating the rules of her lease. Frankly, I could kick her out now if I wanted to, but I opted for a more passive-aggressive approach.

Perhaps this is not the most mature move on my part, but it is hardly a huge violation of privacy. Her door is wide open to anyone who walks by, and she's got her crap covering my stuff. I am allowed to take pictures of my own bed, and desk, regardless of who has stacked their crap on it.

I do appreciate your concern, and I certainly hope it never comes down to a lawsuit.

The Floydster said...

Unfrickin'beliveable! To the comment about "wait until you have kids" - I think parents have some say and training in that regard!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,
My mom is not a slob.
But I totally relate to this person driving you crazy.

Becs said...

That is pretty much exactly what my old roommate's room looked like. Her bathroom was even worse. In the year we lived there she cleaned her bathroom approximately two times. When we moved out, I was the one that had to do the vaccuuming and OMG. I have never seen so much crap on the floor. There was candy, dirt, hair and lots of things I couldn't identify. UGH!

Lipstick Jungle said...

Holy wow batman! That is a slob in the slobbyest of slobs!

That room IS beautiful - in the befores...

How ols is she??? YIKES.

Kelly said...

That is disgusting! I thought my 18 year old son's room was bad...but that is much worse! How can someone live in that mess? I would be more of a bitch than you about it LOL. I think i would throw her shit right out on the lawn and clean it up. I know you can't but it is a nice thought.