Monday, February 16, 2009


Is this thing on?

So here's the thing, lately, I've gotten a rather significant increase in the number of visitors to this site (and by the way, we're approaching 100,000 visitors, check the site meter box on the bottom right and be sure and let me know if you're the one!), and simultaneously, a noticeable drop in comments.

I had two people ask specifically how I cut my face open with a sweatshirt (to quell your interest, it was the small metal opening to the strings that cut my face) and yet, only 2 commenters on the post about Slappy shaving his head for cancer research.

That said, those 2 commenters plus 5 others have managed to get him to 300 dollars so far, but still, I don't know, I think our relationship needs some therapy. I think our channels of communication are clogged.

So I'm asking for your opinion: what has happened with this blog that has reduced the comments to nil?

Would you like a health update? My head hurts almost every day. I have heard nothing back about the brain tumor cyst nugget from the neurologist yet, and it's been almost a week since I dropped off the CT. Yes, I am freaking out a little bit here and there. Where here and there is every moment I'm not doing something important.

Would you like a stupid update? I dropped my calculator in a full bathtub. It wasn't my fault. It was in the case and it slid right out of the case and right into the tub. And in case you wondered, it was a TI-89 super-expensive calculator. SUCK.

Would you like a random update? Daisy is most likely coming to New Orleans to stay at my house from Thursday until she leaves. A trip for both Mardi Gras and because I've pretty much decided we're best friends forever. You can throw up over there. But seriously, she's awesome.

So, now, you tell me (the comment link is just below where you're reading now in case you're struggling with that part), what do you want more of? What do you want less of?

Bring it on. I can take it (not really, but I'm going to try).


matkins said...

HI! I always read but rarely (if ever) comment. I just don't ever have anything witty to say, so I stay quiet.

joanne said...

same as matkins..sorry...

Lynn said...'s been kinda crazy around here. Will do better to sign in!
Know that I'm here praying right now!
Isaiah 26:4 Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.

Prayer Bears
My email address

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Hey Katie
I don't comment often, usually only when I have time.
It's been a crappy week over here in Oz, first with the bushfire, then with my car getting stolen, crashed and dumped, and now my insurance company is screwing me around. So I've kind of turned into a bitter, grumpy cow :-)
I'm always still reading (even if occasionally I have to check you from work!), I just don't always comment. Hope you get the comment love you're looking for :-)
Have a good one,

Lipstick Jungle said...

I think people have been too busy lately to comment. I am averaging 0-3 lately myself. Its sad, but I have to believe someday soon people will care again!

I read you everyday still, however my time commenting to anyone has been very limited.

I like to make sure my friends are ok, and hope they know I still care!

So, will you post at least the back of his head if we raise enough???

Anonymous said...

yep, I'm also one of the quiet readers. Maybe because I never got my prize for being fourth-runner up in Slappy's naming contest? Hah hah, just kidding. But hey, if almost 100,000 of us who have stopped by and not run screaming in the other direction, you must be doing something right.

Having had some nasty headaches recently gave me a whole new perspective on your debacle/saga/never-ending unfortunate medical drama...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I don't often comment but I always read. Sorry about that. I have the same problem over at mine, at least 3 or 4 visitors for every comment.

Ness said...

I check on you every day. I know you have a hectic life and it leaves little time for blogging. You don't have to entertain us. You're our friend. This blog is your media. We just want to know whatever you want to tell us. Life has been very tough on this side of the computer lately and often I just have nothing to comment about but I read daily to make sure you're OK. And you're in my daily prayers.

Overflowing Brain said...

Y'all, stop apologizing! I wasn't looking for apologies! I just wanted to know if it was something *I* was doing that was causing people not to comment. Being too busy is totally a valid reason.

No more apologies. I'm totally serious. No more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No apologies then.

Look, if you write that you stubbed your toe and I know you will live, then I might comment and tease you about it.

But if you write that you cut off your foot in the lawnmower, and you don't say if you lost the foot or not, I'll probably refrain from teasing until I hear you survived it. I mean, how would it look if you made national news with the foot and here I am commenting in your blog that you ought not bite it while its in your mouth next time.

So when you see my comments missing, it means I don't want to be the one to push you over the slippery edge making fun of your calamities just now. As soon as I know you are going to survive, I'll go back to laughing with you!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Hi! We are the best friends ever AND I'm coming for Mardi Gras and...I don't comment as much because usually I read your post and immediately Twitter/Text/Email you. I should work on sticking to 1 line of communication.

LauraMae said...

I like reading whatever you feel the need to write about--because that's you! I just don't comment much ever...I like reading and that's all--it's nothing personal! Happy Mardi Gras Season =) Have fun with Daisy!

Sheri said...

Aren't Doctor's wonderful!?!? My 12 yr.old daughter is seeing 3 neurologists, trying to get a definitive diagnosis. All these appointment won't be completed until late April. I guess brain problems can wait. I know there are a lot of sick kids but when it's your child or yourself in pain...waiting sucks.

Sue G said...

Shamelessly begging for comments, huh? Well, I read your blog almost daily and do not comment, mostly because I figured this was a pretty young, hip group and I am a pretty old, not so hip person (the use of the word hip should be enough proof).

I do know how frustrating it is to watch the counter go up but not the comments and wonder who the heck visited my CB site, so I guess I should have been more empathetic. Sorry.

(Would this be a good time to tell you that you have never once signed my CB guest book???? Oh. Didn't think so.) :-)

Sue G

Flea said...

Hello Mosquito! Sorry I've been MIA. I've taken a break from all blogs the last couple of weeks. So I'm here to catch up. I want to see more of you getting better health-wise. Short of that, you're fine just the way you are. :)

Anonymous said...

I have commented plenty in the past, but I have never once gotten a comment on my blog from you, or an email in response to a comment I've left here, or heck, even a comment after my comment acknowledging my comment (uh, yeah, wordy much?). I'm going to go anon because I don't want to seem like a whiny butthole, but honestly? I feel like you're not particularly interested in hearing from me.
You are a great storyteller, but that *might* be one of the reasons- some of your readers might not feel all that engaged.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I'm sure it goes without saying: this will come out wrong. But, if no one is commenting on your blog (and clearly more people read yours) it makes me feel better that no one has commented on mine.

See? Came out all wrong. Also, a teensy bit envious that you and Daisy get to hang out together.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Anonymous @ 5:43:

I just wanted to let you know that sometimes I realize, months & months after the fact that I've never responded to a comment or particular person who has commented more than once. This isn't because I didn't find their comments interesting or useful or anything else, rather that the timing was off- maybe my post came later and I'd forgotten about it, or I couldn't respond where I was at the exact moment I read the comment. I wouldn't take Katie's lack of response personally- knowing her, I know it wasn't personal.

Blogging feels like it should be a back and forth, and I fully acknowledge getting giddy when a "big" blogger responds to me, but I also know no matter how big or small, most blogger's lack of response is not a silent comment in itself.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am 100,009, see lots of people check in on you. Sorry for not commenting more.

Overflowing Brain said...


Thank you for pointing out an important element of this, which I probably should've drawn more attention to: I have also had a hard time getting around to commenting. I shouldn't expect more of my readers if I can't offer the same.

So let me apologize for making you feel unimportant. I'm going to try and hit a bunch of blogs that I read this week, so hopefully I'll get yours in that roundup. And please don't hesitate to send me an email if you really feel that I've overlooked you.

Thanks Daisy, for helping me out. Girl got my back, yo.

Anonymous said...

I check daily, but hardly ever post a comment. Don't want to seem like a stalker!!! Keep posting!!!
Claire in TX

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. One reason is because your life is so different from mine and I enjoy the alternate perspective. You are also very funny and I think humor is highly underrated. I don't comment much because, frankly, I don't have that much to say. And I also think "talking" is highly overrated. JMO.

Becs said...

I keep checking in and hoping that something good will happen and you will not:
- Credit Slappy for it.
- Look really, really hard for the dark cloud outside of the silver lining.
- Forget that despite your many difficulties and illnesses, you are still 95% better off than most people in the world. You have a loving family (sounds like, mostly), you are married to Slappy who, hello, is going to be a doctor, and you have been accepted into several of your "first choice" graduate programs.

And still, I hope.

Meg said...

I agree with Claire in TX. I mostly don't want to seem like a stalker!

Anonymous said...

I only read about once a week...catch up and it is usually late at night. If there is something that I feel just needs my words of wisdom I am all over it (hahahaha words of wisdom) otherwise, I read and think I will comment later when I am more awake.

Anonymous said...

It's Carnival Time. And I am immensely busy these days. So no time for love (or comments), Dr. Jones. But I still puffy heart you.