Bald is beautiful

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Sunday is Slappy's 27th (gasp!) birthday.

I know what you're all thinking. What an old man What can WE get for him? (shut up and pretend like you were thinking that).

I have just the thing.

Each year on March 18th, people all around the country shave their heads in a wonderful fundraising campaign for childhood cancer research called St. Baldrick's Day. This year, my husband will be one of the head shavees.

That's right, he's going bald (much to his mother's dismay by the way).

St. Baldrick's Day is much more than just head shaving, it's a party. The children in the oncology wards often come to the event, sometimes they even get to help with the shaving (which seems really unsafe, but hey, it's not my head) and most importantly, they forget for a while about the tragic and terrifying diseases that plague them.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with Slappy's birthday huh? (so technically nothing, but bear with me)

Well, he's not just shaving his head, he's raising money first. If he reaches his goal of $500, he will shave his head. (So technically he's totally doing it either way, but this way makes it seem more important)

So far I am donating $105 from my tax return (So technically this is bet money that I owe him and he decided this would be a much better place for me to give it, and also? Don't make 100 dollar bets.) and Slappy is matching it. That puts him at $210 (you're welcome for the math).

Here's where it all comes together. As a nice way to honor Slappy's birth and as an even better way to donate to an incredibly crucial cause, I'm hoping some of you will be willing to contribute to his fundraising page and help him reach or exceed his goal. You don't have to give a lot. I know we're in a time of financial hell. Even 5 dollars helps, and there's no minimum donation amount. And if Slappy gets to his $500 early, there's no need to stop donating. Exceeding goals is a good thing.

If you're interested in donating all you have to do is leave you email address in the comments section OF THIS POST and I will email all of you the link to donate. Or send me an email at: and I'll get the information out to you. (I'm not directly linking his page here because that's a little too public with the names, etc, and this way I can control who sees that information, etc. Yes, I am a victim of identity theft, why do you ask?)

I'll post periodic updates about his total raised as we get closer to the day and I will put some sort of device on the sidebar of the blog to link to this post and the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Slappy has also eluded to a deal where if his donation goal is met or exceeded you might get a picture of his beautiful baldness, but that remains to be seen.

So, now do you see what shaving heads and Slappy's birthday have in common?

Yea, me neither. Leave a comment and donate anyways.


April said...

What a great idea I would love to give something to such a great cause! Kudos to you Slappy!

April said...

Oh I guess my e-mail would be helpful...duh!

Lipstick Jungle said...

I am a cancer cause fanatic, and will do anything to raise money for cancer research (well other than shave my head - although todays hair day may warrant a change in plan!).

I will donate - I can't donate much, but anything to ensure Slappy shaves his head for kids!!!