Shredded, thankyouverymuch

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just wanted to follow up on the ATM card portion of the last shrieky rant blog.

I called the bank as soon as they opened this morning, because I realized the card was there after they had closed for the night last night. The very nice woman told me she'd call and ask about my card (I left it at a drive through ATM which is a block from the main branch) and call me back.

As it turns out, I did leave my ATM card in the ATM. And the woman at the drive through location SHREDDED IT last night.

So less than 24 hours after it was left AND without calling me, as the nice voice on the phone informed me was the standard protocol, someone destroyed my SIX DAY OLD DEBIT CARD.

I was given the option to rush my new card, but it would cost me 15 dollars and I'd have to be at home on Tuesday to sign for it, so, that was a no. Which meant my card would arrive in 5 to 10 business days.

So I went into the bank a short while later and growled explained what stupid shit they had done and after the poor young banker apologized 800 times, I was given a temporary ATM card. And hey, guess what? They CAN expedite my card without charging me and they can even have it delivered to the branch so I can just come pick it up at my convenience.

Amazing, huh?

I just hope they don't freaking shred it before I get there.


The Floydster said...

Jeez!!! It just never ends for you, does it?

Robert said...

Holy crap, I did the exact same thing at an ATM outside my office last week. I canceled it immediately, because we had money in the account to pay taxes, but I had the same experience getting a new card/temp. ATM card.

And people told me, "you're not the first person to leave a card in the ATM!" No kidding.

Lipstick Jungle said...

This is exactly why I like the "swiping" ATM's. Your card never leaves your hands.

Yay for the young banker with a little compassion!