Ready for a wild weekend

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi, remember me? I used to blog here.

This week has been the most horrendously busy 3 day week ever. It was like a normal week on crack. Not that I have any idea what crack does, but it seems like the correct expression.

First, this is my 600th post. I'm not sure what to say besides, wow, it's amazing how much free time I've had on my hands in the past almost 2 years. Really.

Second, Slappy got a residency in California. More on this next week because a few bits of information are trickling in still and I want to give this exciting moment it's proper celebration, rather than a small note embedded in a different blog.

Third, what I'm really writing about, is that I'm in the airport as I type this, getting ready to board a flight (which is leaving early- are they even allowed to do that?) to New York, for my final grad school interviews. Tomorrow night I'll be hopping a flight to Chicago to meet up with Daisy (and maybe for another interview. But mostly for Daisy.) Who hopefully isn't a serial killer. If you don't hear from me by like, say, Monday night, assume the worst and send search parties to Chicago.

(I'm only slightly kidding).

And now my early flight is boarding, so once again, I'm cutting the blog short. I just hope to God that no one (myself included) vomits on this flight. Because seriously, of the past 4 flights I've been on, twice there has been vomit (one of which required paramedics), and once an ADULT peed her pants. All 3 situations smelled really good, in case you wondered.

I will try to post from Chicago to verify my status of living. And to report all the sordid details of the blog fun-ness (bloguness? funlogness?) that I am completely sure we'll be having!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm south of Chicago, so I'll lead the search party.

We're having a heat wave in your honor, by the way. 32 degrees today and tomorrow! Woo hoo!

Anna in IL

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

I solemnly swear I'm not a serial killer. But if no one hears from *me* by Monday, send the search party and tell the police the weapon is in New Orleans. They'll be sure to believe you.

And I am very excited for you to come!!

Lanny said...

Jealous. So very jealous!

Flea said...

Oh what fun! And watch out for Anna. She's the real killer. :) or maybe Daisy's got something there and it's YOU, Katie. Maybe it's just me, dang it. Coming to visit Tulsa anytime soon?

Congratulations to Dr. Slappy!

Sue G said...

Katie, followed you here from your CB site. I look forward to reading the previous 599 posts!

lace1070 said...

hope u had an uneventful flight ~ seriously ~ like u need more drama! Hugs ~ Lace